Below Deck’s Captain Lee recalls ‘huge mistake’ with his wife ‘Fell into the trap’

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 trailer from Bravo TV

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The Bravo reality series has just wrapped up another chaotic season with a reunion this month, and a new Below Deck charter will be on its way to screens soon. In the meantime, Captain Lee Rosbach has reached out to his followers during the hiatus on Cameo to reveal what does and doesn’t work with his wife on Valentine’s Day.

Captain Lee admitted he once made a huge mistake with his wife on the romantic holiday, which also happens to be her birthday.

The reality star is currently available to book on Cameo and has used his time on the app to divulge his best secret tips for a successful Valentine’s Day.

For those unlucky folks whose partner has their birthday on February 14, he warned fans not to mistakenly buy just one present to cover both holidays.

“Another no-no on Valentine’s Day, if you happen to be one of the unfortunate souls like myself whose wife’s birthday happens to be on Valentine’s Day, do not think for a minute that one present is going to work for both days,” he said.

The My Seanna skipper has been married for an impressive 47 years and still going strong.

The couple have been supportive of each other over the years and bonded together even further following the tragic death of their youngest son, Josh.

With nearly five decades as a married man under his belt, Lee is one of the best people for the job when it comes to hints and tips for a winning Valentine’s Day.

He warned his fans: “One present doesn’t work for her birthday and Valentine’s Day.

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“No! This is your birthday present. This is your Valentine’s Day present. This is your birthday card. This is your Valentine’s Day card.”

Although Lee believed he knew Mary Anne well, he admitted he made this same mistake only once during their long relationship.

“I made that mistake once,” he revealed. “Do not fall into the trap.”

Lee advised his followers against listening to their partner even if they say one present for both occasions will be fine.

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He continued: “Oh she’s going to tell you, ‘oh it’s okay, it’s okay. Just get me something for both days’.

“Hell to the no on that, guys. Huge mistake.”

Lee went on to admit the mistake is something Mary Anne still brings up years later.

“I’m telling you, they got memories. Lasts for years, and years, and years,” he said.

“The one time you do it, you’ll be out on Valentine’s Day or something, see somebody you know and then they’re like ‘oh, you should see what he did one year on my Valentine’s Day.

‘“Yeah, that vacuum sweeper he got me was really outstanding. Plus the weed whacker for my birthday’.”

Thankfully, Lee’s lesson was learned and he now knows better than to treat his wife to household tools when her birthday and Valentine’s Day roll around each year.

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