Below Deck Med’s Katie hits back at Lexi’s unfair portrayal claims: ‘Got a good edit!’

Below Deck Mediterranean: Bravo previews latest season

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Below Deck Mediterranean season six was another charter to remember. Sailing around the beautiful coastlines of Croatia, the super yacht always looks like the ideal way to spend a few weeks. However, it isn’t always a dream as crew drama can turn it into a nightmare and for Lexi Wilson and Katie Flood, it was far from plain sailing.

Things got off to a rocky start during the last season of Below Deck Med, with Wilson clashing with the crew during the first drunken night.

Wilson’s boozy tirade only managed to alienate her from the rest of the crew as she didn’t hold back her opinions of all on board.  

Some of Wilson’s comments included calling Mathew Shea a “r****t” and saying he should have been aborted.

On top of this, she also attacked Lloyd Spencer, calling him a “p***y”.

It was only revealed later the moment escalated further off camera.

According to Chief Stew Flood during the season six reunion, a producer had to intervene, separating the crew before the arguments got even more heated.

However, Wilson recently spoke on the Another Below Deck Podcast, revealing the episode’s antics were something she still regrets.

Wilson explained: “I think I got most of the back slack, but you know what, I did say some horrible things. And you can’t say those things.

“I get it. No, you really can’t [say those things].”

While Wilson clearly considers the moment water under the bridge, Flood believes Wilson got off lightly.

Speaking on The Domenick Nati Show, Flood said: “I don’t want to slight her. Like I’ve always tried to be respectful towards her.

“But she just always like takes it to a whole new level.

“She’s been blaming production. She said she’s been given a very bad edit. She thinks she’s been edited very unfairly.”

Wilson declined to make an appearance on the reunion episode, showing not all the wounds are fully healed.

As such, the rest of the crew discussed the awkward moment in her absence, with the rest of the team agreeing with Flood.

Malia White added: “That’s pretty classic of anyone throughout the seasons who’s come on Below Deck and not liked the way they’ve behaved when drunk.

 “It’s pretty nasty when you watch yourself back and you see all the regrets and mistakes you’ve made.”

White finished by adding: “It’s not the edit, it’s you.”

Wilson was ultimately fired by Captain Sandy Yawn during season six.

Yawn made the decision after Wilson’s refusal to be a team player, sleeping in late, clashing with the crew, and dismissing her duties.

Wilson has not revealed what she is doing now after the chaos of season six, but she is sharing insights into her personal life for fans on Instagram.

Regardless, season seven of Below Deck Med is on the way, with an unconfirmed 2022 release date.

Below Deck Mediterranean seasons 1-6 are available to watch on Bravo, Hayu and Peacock in the USA. All six seasons are available to watch on Hayu in the UK.

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