BBC’s Nick Owen supported by co-star Anne Diamond as they battle cancer

Nick Owens recalls his prostate cancer diagnosis

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Nick Owen said it was a “very grim day” when he learned he has “aggressive” prostate cancer.

The 75-year-old said he and former breakfast TV host Anne Diamond have been speaking to one another as they undergo treatment.

He told Rachel Burden and Jon Kay: “We have been cajoling each other.

“It is fantastic [to have one another at this time] but it’s just so ironic that she and I, who are forever associated as a partnership professionally, both have the quintessentially male and female cancer.”

Recalling the day he learned of his diagnosis, Nick said: “I went to a specialist and he wasn’t that worried but it came back from an MRI scan and he said you better have a biopsy.

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“That came back and it was pretty gruesome – April 13th was the D-day when I was told it was aggressive and that we need to do something quickly.

“That was a bit of a shock to the system and a very, very grim day I have to say.”

Meanwhile, Anne took six months off from her GB News role after undergoing a double mastectomy and is now having radiotherapy.

“She heard in the morning she had an OBE and in the afternoon she heard she had breast cancer,” Nick said.

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“What a day, she won’t forget that one.

“She’s had pretty major surgery – which I won’t go into detail about – but we have both had major surgery and we have both been talking to each other, calling or texting.

“It’s a tough old time. Even though she is sort-of better and I am sort-of better you’re not quite yourself for a while, it takes it out of you.”

Nick opened up about his diagnosis on BBC One’s Midlands Today on Monday and he urged men over 50 to get tested.

He remarked: “For goodness sake speak to a doctor about it and get it checked because if it’s caught early you’ve got a chance.’

“I feel quite fragile at the moment but my goodness I am positive. I am so much brighter than I was a week, two weeks, three weeks ago, so I feel very lucky.

“I urge people to get checked because I had no symptoms and people might think well I have no symptoms why bother but it is important to get in the system and check it – especially if it runs in the family.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One from 6am.

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