BBC’s Naga Munchetty hits back as she’s called ‘most annoying person on TV’

Naga Munchetty fired back at a brutal troll who slammed her as the "most annoying person".

The 47-year-old BBC Breakfast star appeared to be outraged by the comment that appeared online.

Normally the radio host isn't one to take offence when it comes to brutal tweets but this particular keyboard warrior really seemed to get under her skin.

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The unprovoked remark on the popular platform read: "Can I just say Naga. I cant explain why but I find you the most annoying person on TV."

In retaliation, Naga shot back: "I just can't understand why people don't know how to use apostrophes William."

She finished up with: "Ho hum. We all have a cross to bear."

Fans of the the BBC star leapt to her defence, telling the internet villain there "was no need to insult someone".

One sarcastic reply read: "May I chime in that I don't know you either, but you seem like an entirely likeable, witty, and really rather splendid person."

Another person added: "Don't forget question marks and commas. Also, I reckon a few exclamation marks would have added feeling to the statement.

" But can I just say Naga? Personally, I think you're great!"

While a third said: "The rest of us think the opposite. You are…. bright, warm, intelligent, witty, stunning.

"A real role model to ALL women. You are also a golfer! Probably soo much better than [the tweet holder]."

Meanwhile, Naga's co-star Jon Kay seemed to be missing from the iconic red sofa again on Monday 8 August.

Last week, concern had been aired after Jon was replaced on the BBC Breakfast by Ben Thompson and fans can't seem to get enough of the new host.

Singing Ben's praises, fans took to their keyboards to chime pleasantries about his hosting skills.

One person penned: "My favourites [are] Ben Charlie and Naga most of the time!"

A second agreed: "I love Ben and Sally #bbcbreakfast," while a third said: "Ben and Sally are a great combo #bbcbreakfast."


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