BBC reporter miraculously catches light as it falls on his head during filming

BBC News reporter James Shaw was cool, calm and collected while filming a report this week – despite a near-disastrous technical blunder.

The Scotland correspondent appeared in the studio live from Glasgow, discussing the Covid-19 restrictions in place with news anchor Sophie Raworth.

Making his introduction, Raworth looked away from the screen, only for a light fixture to start looming into Shaw’s shot.

It was evident a piece of the cameramen’s equipment had taken a tumble and looked like it was about to knock Shaw in the face.

Thankfully, he wasn’t fazed by the mishap and swiftly caught the light fixture before it could do any damage.

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In one slick move, he pushed the errant light fixture out of the shot and composed himself before the cameras.

BBC’s Sophie Raworth launched into a string of questions, which Shaw managed to answer with ease – clearly unbothered by the close call moments previously.

While Raworth missed the spectacular save, the move was spotted by BBC viewers at home, who praised Shaw’s "professional recovery" before the cameras.

"The BBC really should weigh those lights down," penned one fan.

"Should have been a goalie!" quipped a second, in light of the recent Euros 2020 final, and a third wrote: "Poor James Shaw on @BBCNews nearly got wiped out."

And a fourth weighed in: "Just caught this on @BBCNews James Shaw @BBCScotlandNews. Very professional recovery!! Well done! #bbcnews."

The past year has been littered with comedic mishaps in live television, as an increasing number of experts and reporters have been broadcasting from their homes during the pandemic.

Famously, in July of last year, Sky News foreign affairs editor Deborah Haynes was interrupted by her persistent son in the middle of an interview.

The adorable child refused to leave the room until his mum agreed he could have two biscuits – leading Haynes to agree in a hurry: "Yes, you can have two biscuits."

And in April, Fox 13 meteorologist Paul Dellegatto was interrupted by his pet dog Brady during a weather report, who knocked his computer and deleted all of the maps from the screen.

Looks like James Shaw has joined a very niche hall of fame!

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