BBC Breakfast’s Sally Nugent left red-faced as Jon Kay hits back at ‘fat’ jibe

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    Things took a hilarious turn during the latest episode of BBC Breakfast, as presenter Jon Kay quickly commented on Sally Nugent's "fat" remark.

    During Monday morning's programme, Sally and Jon were back on the famous red sofa reading the latest headlines from the newspapers.

    As Sally picked out a health related story which claimed men who eat more eggs are happier, according to a recent study, she appeared to spark interest in her co-host.

    Sally, 51, said: "Apparently, eating eggs, particularly for men can make you less angry."

    "What?" Jon jokingly shouted as Sally told viewers, "Jon is never angry never ever, ever."

    Reading from the paper, she then said: "They studied 168 men, from 35 to 55 who had been given regression counseling by work, to diets that were compared to those of colleagues who had not been referred.

    "The more aggressive men were found to be fatter and heavier."

    Noticing Sally glancing up at him, Jon replied: "Sorry, but you looked at me then!"

    Laughing, while later trying to hide her reaction, Sally replied: "I didn't know where to look that's all!

    "If you have more protein in your eggs, your said to be happier."

    Not impressed, Jon then replied: "Alright, we'll leave it there."

    The presenters were quickly giggling with each other once again, when Jon struggle to get his words out when reading another article.

    Reading out loud, Jon, 53, said: "A family who run a cafe in Kent are selling up – they've got 8,500 teapots to get rid of so it's another breakfast theme.

    "They've got a Churchill one, they've got a Del Boy one."

    Struggling to say the next teapot, Jon said: "They've got a R2-D2 teapot."

    Laughing at his evident misap, Sally said: "That's difficult to say," as Jon carried on with the report.

    Last month, Sally and Jon became the first presenters to host the show following the brand new studio revamp.

    The BBC Breakfast team are currently sharing their new space with BBC Sport, who will use it for the daily Sportsday programme, live bulletins throughout the day as well as the Football News Show.

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