BBC Breakfast’s Jon Kay says presenter is ‘real’ after rare studio appearance

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    BBC Breakfast presenters Jon Kay and Sally Nugent were forced to confirm that Carol Kirkwood was the "real deal" as she made a rare appearance in the studio.

    The weather reporter, who often appears in a separate workroom via video link, gave her latest forecast live from the Manchester based studio – leaving hosts Jon and Sally rather excited.

    During Tuesday morning's show (August 1), as the TV anchors finished discussing a bear in China, that some believed may not have been real, the presenters' attentions turned to Carol.

    Jon, 53, then said: "We can also verify that this is the real Carol Kirkwood, this is not somebody in a costume.

    "This is the real thing!"

    Glancing down to her side, Carol replied: "Just checking," which led Sally and Jon to burst into laughter.

    Jon then told Carol how lovely it was to have her in their presence.

    Carol replied: "Lovely to be here as well, it really is!

    "It's always a pleasure, it's always so lively, so nice. Instead of my room cupboard!"

    Although Carol often presents the weather from a different room, the 61-year-old does get to venture out from time to time.

    Last week Carol experienced unexpected chaos after she was ambushed by a litter of puppies while hosting her segment from Guide Dog National Centre.

    As the dogs jumped on her while presenting, she said: "Oops, get off my mic you little monkey."

    Back in the studio, Jon and Sally could hardly keep their composure.

    Sally then said: "Carol, I think you deserve an award for doing the weather forecast whilst someone was eating your microphone and another one was eating your hair.

    "That was properly professional, well done, you’re going to have a great morning."

    But as the pups continued to pay attention to her hair, Jon joked: "Have you been using that meat-flavoured shampoo again?"

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