BBC bosses ordered Lord Sugar to remove his Amstrad phone from the Apprentice boardroom over fears it promoted HIS company

The billionaire was told he couldn’t use his Amstrad phone during the show’s trademark boardroom scenes, in case it promoted the company he made his money from.

Now, his former sidekick — Countdown host Nick Hewer — has revealed Sir Alan didn’t take the news lying down, even delivering one of his infamous rollickings.

Nick said: “In one of the very early episodes, somebody from Compliance intervened on set and said, ‘I’m terribly sorry, Sir Alan, but we can’t allow an Amstrad phone on your desk in the boardroom because that would be considered promoting your product’.

“He said, ‘Right, so whose boardroom is this?’ ‘Yours, Sir Alan.’ ‘And what does my company make?’ ‘Phones, Sir Alan.’

“‘Yeah. So do you think in real life I would have a Philips phone on my desk?’”

Nick went on: “Meanwhile, Chrysler appeared to be selling the BBC six or eight brand-new people carriers every year at full whack.

“Chrysler must’ve thought it was Christmas.”

This is not the first time Nick has revealed secrets behind the hit reality series.

He previously told how producers wanted Lord Sugar to keep attractive candidates and not utter the words “You’re fired” to them.

Nick, who was an advisor on the show for ten years before leaving in 2014, said: “I’d say to him, ‘Oh, by the way Alan, the blonde, he or she is as thick as a fridge door. I urge you, with every fibre of my being, to get rid of them because they’re going to let you down’.

“And the producers will say, ‘Do you think you could find it in your heart to not get rid of the blonde just yet?’ He will say, ‘The blonde will go when the blonde deserves to go’.”

The whole show should go. It’s just Big Brother in suits.


IN EASTENDERS, Stacey is shocked when Martin tells her how his friends believe Ruby’s rape was consensual.

She visits the police station for advice on what to do and as she remembers her own rape ordeal, she convinces Ruby to go to the clinic, while encouraging her to tell the police of her experience.
Elsewhere, Ray spots Jack and Mel conspiring together.

In EMMERDALE, Kim Tate returns to Home Farm with a literal bang.

She is pushed from the balcony during the charity ball and is sent crashing on to the champagne fountain below.

The other guests rush to her aid, but whether she will live to tell the tale and reveal the identity of the person who pushed her remains to be seen.


Vick's chic night off

VICK Hope followed several days of hectic Strictly training to dress up in glitzy gear – not for the dance contest itself, but to go to a showbiz bash in London on Tuesday.

The radio DJ wore an oversized satin suit for the Marie Claire Future Shapers Awards for inspirational women, and looked sensational, pictured.

However she was back in her civvies yesterday morning, pictured, ready for rehearsals with dance partner Graziano Di Prima ahead of Saturday’s show.

The pair will be dancing the quickstep to You Can’t Hurry Love by Motown legends The Supremes.

Vick said: “It’s hard, it’s fast… it’s really, really tricky.

“But I think when you have a song you love so much, it really pushes you.


“That’s my mum’s favourite song and it really resonates.

“That song means a lot to me.”


PRO dancer Paul Killick thinks Thresa May should go on Strictly. Speaking ahead of his Killick Royale Championships, Paul said: “She’s a bit of a wooden dad-dancer but she’d be great. They could teach her some moves.”

Kendall 'Strictly cursed'

Kendall Rae-Knight insists the ITV2 show has jinxed her love life.

In an exclusive chat she told how she has been single since leaving the villa in June.

Launching her Boohoo range, Kendall said: “I think Love Island has cursed me. I’ve not been on a date. It cursed me. I think people are scared to approach me.”

It’s almost as if people going on the show are looking for fame not true love.

Sheri's sweet homecoming

IT’S been a tough few years for Sheridan Smith after the death of her dad and a turbulent love life.

But she has decided to tell her side of the story in Sheridan: Coming Home, a one-off ITV special.

The star will be filmed heading to her home town of Doncaster for the first time since losing her father Colin two years ago, as well as performing a gig for local people.

Sheridan found love earlier this year and The Sun revealed how she had got engaged to insurance broker Jamie Horn following a whirlwind romance after the couple met via Tinder.

Sheridan said: “Filming this documentary has been an incredible emotional rollercoaster.

“Revisiting old haunts and finally performing at the Bentley Top Club, where my parents featured regularly, has been a therapeutic experience and made me realise just how important my roots, family and friends are.”

The docu will be on screens soon.

Anna is nakedly honest

NAKED Attraction’s Anna Richardson has opened up about her mental health troubles –  admitting life with partner Sue Perkins, pictured, is nothing like the Beckhams’.

The Channel 4 host has battled anxiety and even trained as a therapist to understand herself better.

Backing the launch of the charity Mental Health UK’s Let’s Talk campaign, to encourage openness, she said: “If you look at the Beckhams, for example…  everybody’s sort of trying to put on this fake life where everything’s great, everything’s brilliant. Sue and I are sort of the opposite, which is going, ‘Actually, some things are a bit s*** and today I don’t feel great’.

“As a couple, we’re really open and honest, in that we are able to say to each other, ‘I feel really low today’. I think there’s something quite empowering with that.”

If it encourages people to get help, I’m right behind it.

must watch

WHAT? Gordon, Gino & Fred: Road Trip, ITV, 9pm.
WHY? Fred Siriex, Gordon Ramsay and Gino D’Acampo jump in a camper van and swerve around Italy. Expect swearing, shouting, and lots of limoncello.

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