Bargain Hunt expert Nick Hall has a busy life away from the BBC show

Bargain Hunt: Valuation of Pokemon cards wows viewers

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Bargain Hunt star Nick Hall was first involved with the show’s sister series Flog It! as an expert in 2006. He was later welcomed to Bargain Hunt as an auctioneer before being asked to join the team on a more permanent basis, much to his surprise. He now regularly appears on the BBC series, working with the red and blue teams to try and find a hidden treasure and make a profit.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Bargain Hunt.

Antiques and fine art auctioneer and valuer Nick Hall has been a regular expert on the BBC for around 15 years.

Away from TV, he works as the associate director at Bentley’s Fine Art Auctioneers in Kent alongside fellow Bargain Hunt star Raj Bisram.

According to his bio on the company’s website, Nick has more than 30 years experience “dealing with all aspects of Antiques, Fine Art, 20th Century Design, Collectors items and Contemporary interiors”.

So it’s no wonder Nick has become one of the most valued members of the BBC antiques team.

Does Bargain Hunt expert Nick Hall have children?

Despite being a regular on the small screen, little is known about Nick Hall’s personal life.

He has a minimal social media presence with no Instagram and just a Twitter account solely focused on fine art.

Nick also very rarely talks about what he gets up to when he isn’t working with antiques, either on Bargain Hunt or at Bentley’s.

But he did give a slight insight into his life away from the cameras when he spoke to the BBC.

Nick has never mentioned whether or not he is married or if he has ever tied the knot with someone.

However, it is known Nick is a father as he talked of how vital it is for him to spend quality time with his loved ones.

Talking about his life away from work, he said: “Spending time with my kids, family and friends is important, and I love to travel around and explore the hidden gems in the UK.

“Our country is beautiful, diverse and steeped in history – if the weather is fine, you can’t beat it.

“Further afield I love France, their food, culture, wines, and exploring and antique hunting, their unspoilt old towns and villages, and of course the gem that is Paris.”

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When Nick left college, he decided to go into further education and get his “hands dirty” with some real-life work.

He had no set career path in mind at the time and tried his hand at several different local businesses, including an auctioneer, where he caught “the bug”.

At one point though, Nick did think he could have lived the life of a military man.

He explained: “In my early 20s I spent two years in the Territorial Army in an Infantry Regiment, and loved it.

“Sadly, my fine art training ate into my time, and I had to give it up, otherwise I might have made a military career.

“Ignoring a lack of talent, I think the life and experiences of an actor would also have been fun and appealing, or a pop star if I could sing!”

The description for today’s episode reads: “Charlie Ross hosts from the market town of Newark in Nottinghamshire.

“Lending a hand to the reds and blues are experts Nick Hall and Jonathan Pratt.

“Charlie gets shivers down his spine when he gets to find out more about some spooky antiques.”

Bargain Hunt continues every day at 12.15pm on BBC One.

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