Bake Off star Kim-Joy breaks down in tears over 'bullying' gym instructor

GREAT British Bake Off star Kim-Joy Hewlett has been left in tears saying she was "bullied" at an exercise class.

The 30-year-old baker, one of the contestants in the 2018 series, shared a picture of her sobbing in her car.

She wrote on Instagram: "It’s okay to say NO and walk away to protect your own mental health."

Kim-Koy, who moved Bake Off fans when she cried on the show, added: "I walked out of an exercise class today due to a bullying instructor, and I feel good about it.

"I cried afterwards in the car but this is mostly angry cries, as well as disappointed cries cause WHY are people like this?!, and most importantly happy cries because I stood up for myself.

"I walked out, and I called him out on his behaviour.

"Whereas the old me would’ve been afraid of the confrontation, and just stayed and accepted being bullied, but I know now that I have self worth and I’m not sticking around to be treated like that.

"It’s good to have boundaries, and it’s good to say no to toxic people and situations. I highly recommend trying it if you haven’t!!! 💖💖 .

She added: "Also, I know there are tons of amazing inclusive and body positive gyms and classes, so will just be taking myself elsewhere ☺️🥰 #cryingishealing #sayno."

Kim-Joy's 2018 co-star Ruby Bhogal told her: "Proud of you KJ – now you tell me where this gym is and who. I’m coming for them!"

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