AstraZeneca vaccine: UK Professor hits out at EU ‘there’s no doubt vaccine is safe’

AstraZeneca vaccine is 'completely safe' says Anthony Harnden

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While speaking Good Morning Britain with Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid, Dr Anthony Harnden claimed he had no doubt the AstraZeneca vaccine was safe. He added that he would not immunise his patients in his practice if he did not believe so. This comes after Germany, France and Italy as well as other smaller EU member states have temporarily banned the vaccine over fears of blood clots.

Mr Shephard asked for a definitive answer regarding the safety of the vaccine to reassure the public.

Mr Harnden said: “I have spent all Sunday immunising with the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine in my practice, for my patients that I have looked after for 30 years.

“I have no doubt that this vaccine is safe and effective.

“I would not give it to my patients if I thought there was any chance that there would be any major side effect that would come out.

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“I don’t believe that, I believe is that the vaccine is completely safe.”

Professor Harnden admitted the EU’s stance on this matter left him confused and concerned.

He continued: “What I don’t understand is the nuances behind the Europeans decisions and their data.

“I hope over the next few days that data will become apparent and will be filtered through our regulator.

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“Because the message at the moment is that this vaccine is completely safe and effective.”

While speaking on Good Morning Britain, Dr Hilary Jones also attacked the European Union member states for their decision. 

He said: “It is extraordinary because those individual countries and their regulatory bodies are saying let’s just pause and look at the data.

“Other people, all the clinical trials, the European medicines agency, our own MHRA, the WHO and 17 million people who have been vaccinated in Europe, all the data shows that there is no causal link, no evidence at all that these blood clots are related to the vaccination.

“When you look at what Germany and Italy have decided to do, these are countries with massive problems of a COVID-19 3rd wave coming on.

“In Paris, for example, they are putting people on trains because they have run out of intensity care beds to treat people in the French capital.

“Yet they have brought in this precautionary measure that will cost lives.”

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