Ashley Cain calls nurses to see seriously ill daughter Azaylia and says it was a 'scary moment'

ASHLEY Cain revealed that baby Azaylia faced "another scary moment" as he called out nurses to help settle his seriously ill daughter.

Earlier today, the 30-year-old star delivered the heartbreaking news that he and girlfriend Safiyya had been told to "make the most" of this weekend – as their eight-month-old little girl's body is shutting down.

Taking to his Instagram Story this evening, the devoted dad shared a video of Azaylia laying peacefully in her cushion, with the TV playing in the background.

Ashley captioned the post: "Another scary moment with the on-call nurses out.

"Now she's settled and sleeping again. Her strength to keep bouncing back is incredible."

The brief video ended with Ashley tenderly stroking Azaylia's hair while making 'shh' noises to comfort her.

Earlier today, Safiyya shared: "Feeling the heartache more and more today, as the Nurses woke me up this morning for a home visit & told me to enjoy the weekend as they now think her body is slowly shutting down.

"I got told this a couple of weeks ago and she has stayed so strong through this I’m so proud of how strong you are Azaylia.

"Hearing these words, rips and tears my heart and soul into pieces watching my little girl get tired is painful, but giving her 100% everyday is what she was promised, even when her eyes are closed I talk sing and shake her fav rattles so she is constantly surrounded by a positive vibe.

"Appreciating the day the hour and the min is something I never thought I would do as we all take life for granted."

Ashley added on his own social media page: "I have got no plans for her going anywhere this weekend.

"I'm an optimist, I'm a believer. I'm in a positive mind-frame. I know her strength and I know mine. I ain't thinking those things. I ain't got no plans for this little girl to go this weekend. Let's go champ, let's go."

Yesterday, Ashley revealed his family's heartache after Azaylia stopped breathing and suffered seizures – with nurses rushing to their home, where they stayed until 1am.

Once again showcasing his strength, the star explained: "It's difficult, man – there's a lot you don't see, there's a lot you wouldn't want to see. It's 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no breaks, but it's all worth it because guess what? She woke up again this morning."

Safiyya and Ashley welcomed Azaylia in August last year, but were left devastated just two months later when she was diagnosed with leukaemia.

They have documented much of her fight on their Instagram pages, and told how they hope to make their little girl's time with them as full of fun, love, and happiness as possible.

Last week, Safiyya revealed that "struggling" Azaylia is now on oxygen at home after she was rushed to hospital again.

She previously told how Azaylia has lost movement in half of her face due to tumours on her brain.

Last month, Ashley and Safiyya raised over £1million to take Azaylia to Singapore in a last-ditch attempt to save her life – but were left devastated when they were told the specialists in the country could not help.

Doctors in the UK then discovered tumours throughout Azaylia's body, including her brain and spleen, and delivered the heartbreaking news that they'd run out of options to treat her.

Through her brave fight, Azaylia has won the hearts of the nation, and has been nominated for a Pride of Britain award – with people across the UK also taking to their doorsteps to "Clap for Azaylia" last week.

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