Are Ashley And Casey From Temptation Island Still Together?

As the third season of Temptation Island kicks off, fans might be wondering what happened to the Season 2 couples. And after Ashley Howland rolled her eyes while Casey Starchak proposed to her, it didn’t seem like there was much hope of a reconciliation between the two. Ashley left the island with Ben Knobloch, while Casey left the island heartbroken.

But Ashley and Ben’s TV romance didn’t last long once the cameras stopped rolling. “It took like a 360. I’m not even kidding,” Ashley told Bustle of her and Ben’s relationship in December 2019. “We’re not together. And he is a completely different person.” She also told the outlet that she and Ben only dated “for like two days” after the show.

And while Ashley and Ben’s relationship didn’t last (Ben has a new girlfriend, so it’s definitely over), there was another surprise in the Temptation Island Season 2 reunion episode. Casey and Ashley said they talked frequently, per ScreenRant, and they seemed to be getting along as friends, despite the proposal drama. Could their relationship be rekindled? Never say never, but it seems like these two are ready for fresh starts.

Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak have moved on with their lives

During Ashley Howland and Ben Knobloch’s brief time dating after the show, Ben accused Ashley of sleeping with Casey Starchak while they were together, per Digital Spy. Ashley reportedly claimed that she and Casey had only kissed, the outlet added. Either way, the news rekindled hope for fans who wanted to see Ashley and Casey get back together. But despite the reported hookup, these two have gone their separate ways; they now live on opposite sides of the country.

Ashley lives in Los Angeles and seems to be focusing on her swimwear line, A-Line Swim. Casey, meanwhile, lives in Florida, and he posts regular workout updates on Instagram. Casey has also been critical of Temptation Island‘s producers in since-deleted tweets; even aside from his failed proposal, he doesn’t look back on the show with fondness.

Whether or not Ashley and Casey are still friends, it doesn’t look like they’ll be getting back together anytime soon. And considering what both of them said and did on Temptation Island, that’s probably a good thing.

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