Antiques Roadshow expert speaks out on family loss that inspired career

Antiques Roadshow: Will Farmer reveals value of antique plate

In an exclusive interview with, Antiques Roadshow expert Will Farmer has opened up about the people who inspired his love for antiques – his mother and gran.

Even as a child, Will’s mother and grandma would take him to antique shops, which soon sparked his own passion for finding unique items.

Paying tribute to his inspiration and late mother, the expert shared: “My late mum, who was my absolute sidekick, my best mate, we used to just go all over the place.

“My gran and my mother just loved antiques. My great-grandfather was actually a timber merchant and he used to basically deal in timber.

“And as a result as a family, we always had furniture around.”

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Will continued: “My great grandfather who I never met, but you know, my mum inherited that passion from him.

“So it then became sort of a thing with my mother and my gran, and because we’re talking in the 70s, before back in the 70s every town every village had at least one antique shop.

“You would drive through and there would be a chair that would be out on the pavement to indicate that they were open.

“My mum and my grandma used to basically hop from village to village or from town to town going into antique shops or auctions and just trying to find something. They used to collect things themselves.”

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He added: “I was taken as a child to my first auction at the age of six months old. So from a very, very early age, I started collecting.”

Will went on to explain his love for antiques grew even more when he went to school, and he even purchased his first piece of Clarice Cliff at the age of 13.

He said one of his art teachers, who he described as “another amazing woman in my life”.

The expert stated: “I started collecting at the age of six, I was collecting silver and by the time reached secondary school I was collecting Clarice Cliff pottery and Art Deco ceramics.

“Mrs. Love, my art teacher clearly spotted something in me because all through school I was collecting.

“I bought my first Clarice Cliff bowl at 13 years old and I did my first antique fair when I was 12 years old.”

It didn’t stop there for Will because he also went on to study art at university before landing his role on Antiques Roadshow.

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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