‘Anti-British BBC’ Protester halts Nina Warhurst’s BBC Breakfast report

BBC Breakfast: Nina Warhurst report interrupted by protester

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BBC Breakfast returned to BBC One on Wednesday as Dan Walker and Louise Minchin presented their last show together following latter’s decision to quit the programme. Throughout the morning, the hosts spoke to reporter Nina Warhurst who was discussing rising inflation and its implications on businesses from a market in Manchester. However, Nina was left mortified when a protester rudely interrupted her segment. 

Nina walked through the market to meet with an expert but was stopped from doing so by a protester.

The angry protester held up a sign which read: “Anti-British BBC.”

He vented: “The anti-British BBC,” before Nina commented: “Oh my goodness.”

Continuing, the protester said: “26 years ago the anti-British BBC deceived, manipulated…”

Dan and Louise cut off the protestor by halting Nina’s report and returning to the studio. 

“Nina thank you very much we’ll be back with you a little bit later,” Louise said.

“That’s a bit unfortunate because we were relying on Nina to give us a bit of a insight into how inflation figures are gong to effect businesses and what sort of things we should be discussing as well.”

More to follow…

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