Anne Robinson on quitting Countdown: ‘There was no rift but Rachel was very noisy’

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The outspoken former Weakest Link host joked she may now launch a career as a social media influencer.

Anne, 77, stressed any frustrations with maths expert Rachel, 36, and words whizz Susie, 57, were smoothed over before she quit, after the loud duo agreed to switch off their mics.

She was also unimpressed with their timekeeping. Anne said: “They’re both brilliant at what they do, they really are. There isn’t a rift. It was me wanting everyone to be quiet in the studio.”

“I like everyone turning up on time and quiet, quiet, quiet. So we did have to iron that out. But that’s it.”

The former newspaper columnist also told Emma Barnett on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour this is the first time she has not had a job.

But she added: “I’ve encouraged television bosses to realise that not all women at the wrong end of their 70s are in care homes playing bingo and watching conjuring tricks.”

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