Anna Paquin on ‘True Blood’ Remake: There’s A Solid Chance I’d Say ‘Yes’

While claiming to be left in the dark about the show’s comeback, the actress famous as Sookie Stackhouse notes that ‘there’s an endless number of stories you can tell.’

AceShowbizAnna Paquin is intrigued by the possibility of reprising her “True Blood” role for the new reboot, even though she knew nothing about the revamp plans.

The actress portrayed waitress Sookie Stackhouse opposite her now-husband Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton in the vampire drama, but when it was announced in December that a “True Blood” remake was in the works with creator and original showrunner Alan Ball, the stars were caught by surprise.

“Not a single member of the (original) cast or crew knew anything about it. We literally all found out on Twitter,” Paquin told the New York Post.

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Despite being left in the dark about the show’s comeback, Paquin believes the new incarnation will be just as successful as their show, which ran for seven seasons until 2014.

“I don’t know what the concept is, but it’s a rich world,” she mused. “The reason I feel like reboots and reimaginings do so well is that there’s an endless number of stories you can tell. We told seven years’ worth, but there’s no limit in genre stuff.”

And Paquin would be open to returning to the vampire world, because she considers the “True Blood” gang her “family”, “It depends on in what regard,” she said of reprising her character Stackhouse. “I think Alan Ball is part of it and I owe him a lot of my career. So if he asked me, there’s a solid chance I’d say ‘yes’.”

“But I had (sic) absolutely no idea what that would even look like or if they’d want us old folks. These were some of the best years of most of our lives for the cast and crew. That was our family.”

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