Anna Duggar calls pregnant sister Susanna and her new husband the 'perfect couple' as shamed Josh remains 'unemployed'

CONSERVATIVE Christian Anna Duggar has branded her sister and her new husband the "perfect couple" despite the pair falling out for several years.

Susanna Bridges welcomed her daughter Noelle out of wedlock in 2013, a decision shocked the religious community she and her siblings were bought up in.

However, Susanna is now married and expecting her second baby, and her relationship with Anna – who is married to the eldest Duggar son Josh – is positive.

Susanna shared a snap of date night with her husband York, and captioned the post: "Date night with my boys," revealing her blossoming baby bump.

Anna commented on the post: "Such a perfect couple!"

Anna is married to Josh, 32, who The Sun recently revealed has failed to keep steady employment since his molestation scandal and affair broke in 2015.

Josh lives in his dad’s warehouse with his wife, Anna, and their six children.

A source claimed to The Sun: “There's no sign of him working and he only leaves when he drives the family out in a blue minivan. 

“He pulled the short straw with his living arrangements, too. His brother Joseph and his wife Kendra's log cabin is picturesque and impressive while Josh's warehouse doesn’t look like the most welcoming of places.”

The window-less warehouse is located on Jim Bob and Michelle's land, and the exterior of the home matches photos from Anna's Instagram page.

Josh owned a used-car business called Wholesale Motorcars in Springdale, Arkansas. 

But The Sun reported in September that it is no longer open, as Google listed the company as “permanently closed.”

A nearby business told The Sun at the time: "They are no longer on our property.”

The company’s website is no longer active and phone calls to the business go straight to voicemail. 

Josh worked for Family Research Council, but resigned in 2015 after he admitted to having an extra-marital affair following reports he subscribed to the Ashley Madison affair website.

Earlier that year, Josh’s molestation scandal broke, resulting in the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting. 

According to a 2006 police report, which Arkansas police later destroyed, Jim Bob first told cops in 2002 that Josh had molested young victims while they were asleep in the Duggar family home.

His younger sisters Jill and Jessa later came forward as two of the victims. 

While Josh has not appeared on the spinoff Counting On, his wife Anna and their six children have been featured. 

Although Josh is not on the TLC show, he is included in various Duggar family videos and photos on social media. 

Josh admitted to cheating on his wife Anna in 2015, but the pair stayed together.

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