Andy Cohen 'Needs a Drink' After Cringe-Worthy 'WWHL' with Debra Winger and Amanda Peet

This is what you call a hostile interview, ladies and gentlemen.

During Tuesday’s "Watch What Happens Live" with actresses Debra Winger and Amanda Peet, a fan tweeted that Andy Cohen was "getting his ass handed to him."

The late-night host agreed, replying after the show, "Daddy needs a drink." And boy, did he.

It’s difficult to explain the cringe-worthy episode, but we’ll try. In short, Debra was quite possibly the most difficult guest Andy’s ever had on the show — never letting him finish a question, questioning his questions and making him feel stupid for asking said questions. Amanda, on the other hand, was a giggly mess who didn’t know how to answer anything. In a way, she fed off of Debra’s difficult energy.

During a game of Plead the Fifth, Andy tried to ask Debra about misogyny in Hollywood, Shirley MacLaine and her famous on-screen kisses.

"I have three questions for you. You may plead the fifth to only one," Andy explained.

"Wait a minute, this is — okay, go ahead," she replied. But before Andy could get two words out, she interrupted: "You’re so sweet looking."

"Who was the biggest pig or misogynist you’ve ever met in Hollywood?" Andy continued.

"He’s already under indictment," she replied, referring to Harvey Weinstein.

"Back in the ’80s, there were so many rumors about your relationship with Shirley MacLaine on ‘Terms of Endearment,’" Andy continued. "You wrote about this in your book.."

"NO!" Debra interrupted. "I didn’t write about her. She wrote about me. Let’s try to get something straight."

Audience and viewers alike could feel Andy’s pain as he tried desperately to save the segment.

After apologizing and collecting himself, Andy continued. "There were rumors that you tried to pass gas in her direction, that you licked her leg while she was filming a love scene with Nicholson…"

"Yeah, I wrote that," Debra said sarcastically, interrupting Andy once again.

"Was any of that true?" Andy managed to ask.

"You mean you wanna just go in there and say is there something true in there?" Debra asked. Andy replied, "Yeah."

"There’s something true in there," she said.

Moving on to the third and final question, Andy said, "Rank these on-screen kisses from best to worst: Travolta, Gere, Hopkins, Redford."

Debra sighed and said, "Ugh, God. What were you doing 40 years ago? Just curious. So you remember somebody you kissed 30 years ago?"

"Ummmmm, if it was in an iconic film, I probably would," Andy replied, to which Debra shot back, "Ya think? You don’t think that you sort of are busy investigating a character which kind of puts you in another self-state? Right now, it’s pretty hard to be authentically a person."

"Well, I’m not an actor, so I actually don’t know," Andy replied.

Debra said, "So I guess what you’re asking is, she kissed somebody and…" Andy interrupted to remind her she could still plead the fifth if she wanted to. Poor thing. He really wanted her to plead the fifth.

"No, I mean, I’ve done kissing all of them," Debra said. "Some of them required a little more sucking in of the cheeks so as to simulate a tongue."


In a later segment, Andy read Amanda a question from a fan: "Can you rate Ashton Kutcher’s kissing skills from zero to 10?"

Amanda made a face — for several seconds — then said, "Ya know, nine?"

"EIGHT!? WAIT A MINUTE!" she blurted out right as Andy was moving on to the next question.

"Wow, nine?" Debra asked. "You wanna put your husband in there so we have a reference?"

"Wow. Wow. I like Ashton, but I see your point. Maybe I should’ve been a little bit more discerning," Amanda replied.

"I’m just saying like scope — scale 1 to…"

"Scope of everyone I’ve kissed! I’ve kissed a lot!" Amanda said. She ended up giving her husband a 10, and we never got a straight answer about Ashton.

To see every ounce of cringe, watch the videos below. In the first one, Winger seems to mock a fan for taking too long to ask a question!

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