Andrew Neil ‘close to tears’ as GB News insist he WILL return after break

Andrew Neil announces break from GB News

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Andrew Neil has been absent from GB News for a couple of months now, it comes after he announced he would be taking an extended summer break despite the news channel having only just launched. New reports have said Andrew was “close to tears” over the technical difficulties and criticism he has received since airing but, Andrew will definitely be returning despite other claims. 

According to The Telegraph, there is speculation Andrew may never return to GB News, despite a spokesperson saying he will be back next month. 

An unnamed source told the publication that Andrew “looked miserable, dejected and seriously stressed during the two weeks he was in Paddington”. 

“It wasn’t just the shambolic launch getting him down. It was the relentless technical failures making proper broadcasting impossible. 

“One night I was in the newsroom as he came off air after another hour of technical disasters. I think he was close to tears,” they said. 

There have been suggestions Andrew has been “frozen out” by GB News’ Chief Executive Angelos Frangopoulos. 

“It’s almost like he was never there. We hear rumours that relations between the chairman and chief executive have completely broken down,” another source said to 

However, a spokesman for GB News has said: “As previously announced, we look forward to Andrew Neil’s return from holiday in September to host his 8pm show.

“We are enormously proud of our progress in only eight weeks. As a start-up, we continue to move at lightning speed, learning, refining and growing constantly.” 

Alastair Stewart who presents Alastair Stewart and Friends on a weekend is currently absent due to a broken hip. 

He addressed a tweet claiming “some of the heavyweight presenters” at the channel felt “let down” by Andrew. 

Taking to Twitter, Alastair said: “I don’t feel remotely ‘let down’ by @afneil and, yes, he was a key factor in my desire to join @GBNEWS. 

“He is on leave & will return next month. I look forward to that, enormously. There is no mountain here; not even a mole hill…”

GB News has recorded low daytime TV viewing figures, but have seen success online. 

Within the last 48 hours, GB News’ YouTube feed, which went live two weeks ago, has gained 920,000 views. 

Executives believe mobile viewing and the imminent launch of the radio simulcast will extend GB News’ reach further. 

As for what’s in store on the radio, the schedule is evolving with the arrival of comedian Mark Dolan from talkRADIO and a host of new shows which place sharper focus on politics both at Westminister and in the further regions. 

Andrew Neil usually hosts the Andrew Neil Show at 9pm weekdays. 

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