Amy Tapper 'upset' by silence from non-Jewish community following Wiley tweets

Gogglebox’s Amy Tapper has shared an emotional video hitting out at the social media silence following Wiley’s alleged anti-Semitic tweets.

Grime rapper Wiley has been temporarily banned from Twitter following a shocking rant in which he compared the Jewish community to the Ku Klux Klan.

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed they are investigating.

Addressing the news, Amy said in a video that she’s ‘really upset’ by the lack of celebrities speaking out and raising awareness on their platforms, and urged others to sign a petition to revoke the artist’s MBE.

The television personality began: ‘Just wanted to say, first of all, a massive thank you to all my followers who have signed the petition and sent me support and love. Really, really appreciate it.

‘But I’m also just really, really upset and down about the silence that’s been on my Instagram from my non-Jewish friends or influencers, or people that I know with a massive following who’ve not said anything.

‘A month ago when everyone was putting on their stories and standing against racism, but that counts for everything, that counts for Jews as well and I’m really upset about the silence from it.’

Amy continued: ‘It saddens me because I feel like because it’s not trending on social media, because it’s not the cool thing to do, people aren’t doing it, people aren’t sharing it, people aren’t spreading awareness.

‘This has been going on for years and years and years and sometimes I think to myself, how the hell did the holocaust happen? And I think about it and I look at how much silence is going on on social media about it from people who could spread a message and get a lot of people signing the petition and I think this is how history can repeat itself.

‘I think it’s really upsetting and I think it shows some people’s true colours.’

Amy added: ‘Listen, I’m not going to go on and on about it. But I’m just upset, I’m just really upset and really disappointed.

‘Please keep signing the petition guys because I don’t know who would actually want this guy to be an MBE when he’s spreading all this hateful speech around.’

Elsewhere on her Instagram, Amy asked her followers ‘where are your voices?’ as she admitted her confusion over the silence. 

‘Please use them,’ she wrote. ‘Use your voice, stop this hatred. This man has an MBE!!!!! This needs to stop and we all need your help. Please, my friends, people who care, please use your voices and speak about this.’

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