American Horror Story: Is Mallory the Key to Reversing the Apocalypse?

It’s always the quiet ones, isn’t it? For the past five weeks, American Horror Story: Apocalypse has woven a surprisingly complicated tale of witches, warlocks and even the occasional cyborg. But maybe we should be paying more attention to the character with the least amount of screen time: Billie Lourd‘s butterfly conjuring badass, Mallory.

From the moment she stood up to Michael in Episode 3, resulting in a fiery confrontation that sent the Antichrist crying to his daddy, it was clear that she was “special.” And viewers wasted no time drumming up theories about her true nature: Could she be the next Supreme? A direct descendant of Lady Gaga’s Scathach, perhaps?

Based on what we’ve seen, I agree that Mallory will play a key role in undoing the damage inflicted by Michael’s apocalypse, but I don’t think she’s a witch at all. In fact, I’m going one step further and theorizing that she’s some sort of heavenly being. Perhaps even… wait for it… a child of God? Now, before you dismiss my theory as being a total reach, hear me out:

* As I mentioned earlier, Mallory is the only character Michael seems to genuinely fear. And during his post-scuffle chat with Papa Satan, he declared, “I thought I destroyed them all.” Many viewers assumed that “them” meant “witches,” but since Michael had just spoken to Dinah about how “powerful” she is, that couldn’t be the case. He knows there are still witches out there, so Mallory must be something… else.

* Given Apocalypse‘s recurring themes of gender politics and religion, it stands to reason that the son of Satan would be taken down by the daughter of God (or a goddess).

* Upon witnessing Mallory’s ability to heal a wounded deer — and reverse its aging process — Myrtle marveled, “It was unlike any magic I have ever seen.” Given her age and experience, you’d think Myrtle would have seen everything that a witch was capable of by now.

* When Lourd’s character was revealed to reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, she was presented as “Mallory… just Mallory.” Last names offer clues about where someone comes from, so could it be that Mallory has no earthly lineage?

* The name Mallory also translates to “the unfortunate one” or “the unlucky one.” Either way, it’s the perfect name for someone who was born to sacrifice herself for the greater good.

* But what really has me stuck on the idea of Mallory being heaven-sent is her willingness to serve others. Despite being smarter and more powerful than Coco, Mallory is down to be her right-hand woman, just as Jesus raised eyebrows when he chose to wash his disciples’ feet. (That’s right, I stayed awake in Sunday School. Occasionally.)

Your thoughts on this Mallory theory? Do you have any additional evidence that supports or disproves it? What’s your theory about her true nature? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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