All we know about what happened to the Prometheus in 1899

1899: Trailer for period thriller series from Netflix

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1899 is the latest brain-teaser series to arrive on Netflix and it follows a group of migrants on board a ship to New York. Maura Franklin (played by Emily Beecham) is trying to find her brother, who she believes was on board the missing boat, the Prometheus. The eight-part series reveals the Prometheus is not what viewers initially believed.

What happened to the Prometheus in 1899?

The series introduces characters from all walks of life, who are all running away from something in their lives.

For Maura, she is a neurologist who was looking for her missing brother, having received a mysterious letter from him.

As the series progresses, it transpires the ship they are on is not real, and it is instead part of an illusion created to test their minds.

Maura’s father was obsessed with the idea that people view reality differently, depending on what they want to see as true.

Towards the end of the series, it was revealed the mysterious man and boy were Maura’s husband and son- Daniel (Aneurin Barnard) and Elliot (Fflyn Edwards).

Elliot explained to Maura they needed a code in order to shut down the simulation and it later transpired a key would fit inside the black pyramid Elliot had been carrying.

In the final episode, it was revealed the simulation had in fact been created by Maura and Daniel, in order to keep their dying son alive forever.

Daniel had changed the code so that the black pyramid no longer worked when the key was inserted.

Instead, he made a new pyramid, and Maura’s wedding ring was the key to wake everyone up.

When Maura inserted the ring into the pyramid, she woke up surrounded by the other passengers.

They were all asleep, being controlled by the same piece of machinery, which had been creating the illusion.

When Maura looked out of the window, she could see they were in space, on board a spaceship.

The name of the spaceship is revealed as Prometheus, meaning it was not a ship at all.

Writing then appears on a screen in front of Maura, and it reads: “Project Prometheus”.

The project had been taking place in the year 2099 and it was not the first time the experiment had taken place.

Maura’s brother Ciaran then wrote another message, saying: “Hello sister, welcome to reality.”

Ciaran had never been missing, but he had instead been controlling the whole project while Maura was trapped inside the illusion.

As for Maura’s father, it appears he was just as much a victim as everyone else, despite being painted as the antagonist.

Daniel told Maura her father was not responsible for what had been happening, which came as a shock to her.

As for whether the story will continue with a second season, the series is yet to be renewed.

1899 is on Netflix now.

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