All the Questions We Still Have About ‘Yellowjackets,’ and the Most Compelling Theories for Each One

Yellowjackets, a show that is making me regret that time in high school English class when I said that a Lord of the Flies situation would never happen to girls, is renewed for season 2… which means that a lot of the Yellowjackets theories we currently have are gonna go undebunked. Let’s face it, we won’t get all of the answers in the season 1 finale because they’ll wanna save stuff for season 2, and we’ll probably have some more questions.

If you haven’t been watching, the show is about a girl’s soccer team whose plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness on the way from their home in New Jersey to Nationals in Seattle. Nineteen months later, some of the girls are rescued, but not before they’ve had to become bloodthirsty cannibals to survive. Twenty years later, some of the survivors have managed to put together normal lives… until now. Someone is threatening to out their secrets, or worse.

What are those secrets? That’s the whole thing; we don’t know! Here are the Qs we have at the end of season 1.

Who do the girls, uhhh, eat?

Status: Unanswered

The first scene in Yellowjackets is the first mystery in Yellowjackets. Who do we see the survivors eating? Which girl ran through the woods in a white dress in the middle of winter, terrified, only to fall to her death in a trap?

Based on the little we see of her face and body, the most likely candidates are Jackie, who’s making enemies left and right in the wilderness by stirring up drama and spilling secrets; Mari, who could have been in the wrong place at the wrong time; or Lottie, who’s been known to dress in white and could have had a vision or episode that caused her to run into the trap.

Who is the Antler Queen?

Status: Unanswered

Sorry to go all Riverdale, but the antler-clad leader of the cannibal tribe we see at the beginning had their face covered in a way that is very intriguing. All we know is that it’s not Misty, who unmasked herself to the right of the Queen, and it’s probably one of the survivors.

Shauna is a likely candidate. She does seem like, more or less, the protagonist of the series. Taissa grows up to become a politician, so it could be her. Lottie is a spiritual leader and could have started a cult. After the Doomcoming she’s the most likely candidate. But personally, I think the biggest twist would be that the Antler Queen is Jackie.

Is there another tribe, and who’s in it?

Status: Unanswered

There are six or seven people in the Antler Queen’s tribe… which implies one of two things. Either everyone else died in the woods, or the group split into warring factions and there’s another leader out there. Do half of the girls stay with assistant coach Ben? Are they divided between Jackie and Shauna? There are so many possibilities.

What happened to Shauna’s baby?

Status: Unanswered

Please say they didn’t eat it. Please say they didn’t eat it.

Who’s blackmailing the adult Yellowjackets?

Status: Answered

It was Jeff! Shauna’s husband tried to blackmail some of the richer women to save his business.

Who killed Travis?

Status: Unanswered

Natalie thought it was the same person who was blackmailing her, but maybe he did die by suicide. It can’t be, right?

Did anyone else survive?

Status: Unanswered

We know that Misty, Taissa, Shauna, Natalie, and Travis were rescued from the wilderness. But that can’t be all, right? In 2021, Shauna mentions that there are “others” who they haven’t heard from in years… but who are the others?! I really hope Van’s okay, you guys. The class reunion is coming up, and I have a sneaking suspicion that we’re going to learn the identity of at least one of the other survivors there.

My guess? Either Lottie or Jackie is still out there… or maybe one of the quieter girls, like Mari or Akilah, who hasn’t had much of a story arc so far.

Is there some supernatural ish going on?

Status: Unclear

Well… Lottie can kinda, sorta see the future, That’s So Raven-style, and Taissa’s had some brief encounters with the spiritual world as well. The cabin has some mysterious symbols carved in and around it, and the girls are starting to get the idea that the woods themselves don’t want the girls to leave. But are there actually spiritual spooks going on in the woods, or is isolation just getting the better of the Yellowjackets’ mental health? Eek!

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