All the Christmas soap storyline rumours – major drama set for festive season

With Christmas on its way, most people are excited to put up the Christmas tree, the lights and buy some pressies before enjoying a little too much mulled wine.

However, in the soap world, there is rarely such a happy festive season in store, and this year looks like every other soap-filled Christmas.

With the Coronation Street cobbles, Emmerdale Yorkshire countryside and the rough east end of Albert Square all kitting themselves out for the Yuletide, what is expected to ruin their Christmas fun?

Here are some of the big rumours dominating Soapland.

Jenny Connor has shock collapse at Christmas

Last week, Coronation Street’s team showed off some of their filming shots from their Christmas episodes, and one revealed a potential shock for Jenny Connor.

In the top corner of their post, a shot was included which showed Jenny on the floor of the pub’s back room, with Johnny crouching on the ground trying to help her.

Clearly there’s something afoot for her, and it has shocked and aroused the concerns of Johnny and Gemma Winter, who rush to her aid.

Lewis Archer to die in Christmas bloodbath

A "Christmas bloodbath" has been rumoured for the cobbles, and it may be Audrey’s newly returning conman/lover Lewis who gets the chop.

Possibly even literally.

A source told The Sun : "The intense plot will play out over the New Year. Nigel always knew he wouldn’t last long on the Cobbles when he signed up to return and what a way to make an exit."

Lewis conned his girlfriend, as well as her daughter, Gail Platt, out of £40,000, which sent him to prison in the end.

But he has since sweet-talked his way back to a relationship with Audrey, depsite it causing a huge chasm between her and Gail.

Yuletide breakdown of Tim and Sally’s relationship

Kate Oates let slip on her way out of Weatherfield that there would be a big Christmas storyline for Tim and Sally, though was unsure if the new showrunner would keep the idea in check.

Next week on Coronation Street , Gina’s feelings for Tim begin to grow as she fusses over him and makes him packed lunches to ensure he’s well fed.

Gina appears to have put the thought of her sister, who is currently in jail as she awaits her fraud trial, at the back of her mind.

Towards the end of the week, Faye helps Tim to prepare a meal for Gina to thank her for all her help around the house, which ends in him giving Gina a kiss on the cheek.

Could there be a full blown affair in place by the time Christmas arrives?

An Emmerdale wedding

Emmerdale’s new producer, Jane Hudson told Digital Spy there would be a festive wedding afoot for one of the soap’s couples, though there has been no confirmation on who it would be who ties the knot.

Fans have already been treated to the epic nuptials of Robron – Robert and Aaron – but who knows who is next to trundle down the aisle.

Dingle family fractures

Mirror TV exclusively revealed that the Dingle family will suffer some big arguments over the Christmas period.

Eden Taylor Draper, who plays Belle and is preparing for her return after Lachlan White’s tyrade of terror, teased: "Well we’re filming Christmas at the minute and it’s exciting – that’s it! That is all I can say or I’ll get in trouble. The Dingles are part of the Christmas storyline."

Asked about producer Kate’s comments that two Dingles would be torn apart and whether that could mean that the clan is fractured, Eden replied, "Yeah," before quickly adding: "Who knows, you’ll just have to watch!"

It’s all very secretive!

Another wedding – but this time in Albert Square

Soapland really has got wedding fever, and another on the cards is that of Mel Owen and Ray Kelly.

She has recently discovered that he actually has another family and is already married, so it may be she has a cunning plan in store to trick him.

Images of their filming show Phil Mitchell suited a booted for the occasion, while Keanu Taylor is also there – could there be further argy bargies from these two?

The return of a big character

Dean Gaffney, who plays Robbie Jackson, spoke at the Inside Soap Awards about a returning character, who will have a big role around Christmas.

He told Digital Spy : "For me, personally, I’m a good friend of this person — whoever they may be! I think they’re iconic with EastEnders.

"There’s certain people that come back to a show, they might not add to it, but this person definitely adds to it! It’s good to have this person back. Their storyline at Christmas will be very interesting."

Who could it be?! We already know Alfie Moon is back in town, but will this person bring something new to the table?

A mad Christmas for the McQueens

The McQueens are now running The Dog in The Pond, and as a result they will be key in the upcoming Yuletide episodes.

Creator Bryan Kirkwood spoke to Digital Spy and revealed the news that the McQueen women would be key, especially Myra, Nana and Mercedes as they all live under the same roof.

He said: "Now with the brilliant additions of Cleo, Sally and Goldie to that line-up, this year is going to be a rocking big McQueen Christmas. It’ll focus on all factions of the family.

"There’s big shocks in store for Prince and Lily and some fantastic reveals. Mercedes throwing her first Christmas at The Dog In The Pond pub will definitely be a culinary disaster!

"There’ll be loads of fun, laughs and shocks – it’s going to be a riot."

Of course, Cleo’s had a big storyline recently around her eating disorder, and Russ and Goldie have been pretty naughty behind Mercedes’ back, so it may all come out over the turkey.

One can only hope!

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