All Creatures Great and Small – Tristan’s romance ends in tragedy?

All Creatures Great And Small trailer released by Channel 5

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All Creatures Great and Small returned to Channel 5 on Thursday night for the second outing of season three, called Honeymoon’s Over. During the instalment, James Herriot (played by Nicholas Ralph) clashed with Siegfried Farnon (Sam West) as he tried to get him on board with tuberculosis testing. Meanwhile, the chemistry between vet Tristan Farnon (Callum Woodhouse) and Florence (Sophie Khan Levy) started to grow and it appears romance may blossom between the pair. 

Florence has some history with Skeldale House, as her father is a vet himself. 

In Thursday’s instalment of the Yorkshire-based drama, she called upon the help of the vets at Skeldale to take care of her beloved Dalmatian, who was having trouble breathing.

A distraught Florence told Tristan: “Please, she started having fits about an hour ago and I didn’t know what to do.

“Look at the state of this place, I am not letting you work on my dog in this pigsty.”

Tristan warned Florence her dog could die if he didn’t examine her in his room there and then. 

Florence succumbed and Tristan was thankfully able to help her dog after realising she had something lodged in her larynx. 

He made a small incision and moved the small object which was blocking the dog’s airways. 

Following the incision, Tristan said: “That’s all done, we will just need to remove the stitches.”

Florence interjected to say she knew she had to remove them in 10 days, and confidently explained she was capable of doing it herself. 

But she then tenderly thanked Tristan for saving her canine as the pair held each other’s gaze. 

Could romance be on the cards for feisty Florence and unlucky in love Tristan in the near future?

Tristan actor Callum recently said: “I think Tristan finally meets his match this series with his love interest. Definitely.

“She’s almost the female Tristan in a way, but slightly more independent, which is something that really, really attracts him.”

However, All Creatures Great and Small’s third season is set to be “bittersweet” as the characters enter the Second World War. 

Will Florence and Tristan be torn apart if he has to fight for his country later on in the series?

It would be crushing if he died at war after finally falling in love. 

Callum told Radio Times: “The shadow of war is going to be sort of cast over the whole season.

“We’re still helping animals and saving animals, there’s still a very human part to the show.”

Helen Alderson actress Rachel Shenton added: “Towards the end of the series there’s a definite shift and sort of the stakes are higher and things feel a big more serious than we’ve perhaps experienced before.”

All Creatures Great and Small airs on Thursdays at 9pm on Channel 5. 

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