All Creatures Great and Small season 3: Does Mrs Hall marry Siegfried Farnon?

All Creatures Great and Small: Cast on lack of 'villains'

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All Creatures Great and Small will return to Channel 5 later this year for a third outing. The escapist TV series will hopefully see James Herriot (played by Nicholas Ralph) and Helen Alderson (Rachel Henderson) tie the knot. But fans are wondering whether a second wedding could be on the cards.

Does Mrs Hall marry Siegfried Farnon?

Siegfried Farnon (played by Samuel West) is the quirky and outspoken boss at Skeldale House veterinary clinic.

He has a special friendship with housekeeper Mrs Hall (Anna Madeley) and the pair seem to know each other inside-out.

They have confided in each other a number of times about relationships and other personal topics.

Yet their relationship has not yet been explored in a romantic sense as Siegfried has love interests of his own.

Mrs Hall also explored a relationship with Gerald Hammond (Will Thorp) at the end of season two.

Viewers have often wondered whether Siegfried and Mrs Hall have a history of romance.

While Siegfried was inspired by the real Skeldale House boss, Donald Sinclair, not much is known about Mrs Hall’s origins.

She was a character in the original series, played by Mary Hignett, but only starred in the first three seasons.

The real Donald Sinclair had two wives, Evelyn and Audrey.

While Madeley’s character’s first name is Audrey, there does not seem to be an intentional connection.

Sadly the Mrs Hall star said there was not much of a chance of her character marrying Siegfried.

She told Masterpiece: “As a woman who got married and had her child very young and has had difficult times, having a period of time in her life where she can feel some degree of security, and earn her own money, and manage her own life, is quite a lovely experience.

“She’s surrounded by people she cares about and enjoys her work.

“So I think it would be quite a step to move away from that, and think about reentering, what do we call it? The love game, a relationship.

“It would take her stepping outside of that comfort zone again, to do that. And I think, at the moment, she’s probably in quite a good place in her life.”

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Her co-star West also said it would “raise some eyebrows” if the pair ended up together.

He said at the time, the class distinction would have mattered a lot to people as Mrs Hall is an employee.

West and Madeley have worked together before at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The Siegfried actor spoke highly of his co-star, saying he “couldn’t be happier” working with her.

On how he would react to Siegfried loving Mrs Hall, he said: “I’ve known her all that time and admired her all that time.

“It is lovely to be working with her on this. So the quick answer is that you would have no complaints from me.”

The romantic themes could be overshadowed by the looming Second World War in the upcoming season.

Hopefully, James and Helen are still able to tie the knot before it’s too late.

All Creatures Great and Small season 3 will air later in 2022.

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