All About Bachelor Contestant Victoria Larson, the Self-Appointed 'Queen' on Matt James' Season

Queen Victoria Larson's reign on Matt James' season of The Bachelor started off pretty rocky.

The season 25 contestant arrived on the shoulders of four men, who carried her in on a throne. She spent the remainder of the first night introducing herself to the other women as "Victoria, like the queen" and interrupted contestant Kit Keenan by saying, "Excuse me, princess, but the queen is here."

The 27-year-old continued to rub the women the wrong way on the second episode when she called the ladies "fake as s—" for being happy for Bri Springs, who received the season's first one-on-one date. She later honed in her war against the house to focus on her roommate Marylynn Siena, whom she deemed "toxic" and complained about to Matt, 29.

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It would appear that Victoria doesn't like conflict resolution ("I don't care to" come to an agreement, she told Marylynn), understand how condiments work (she mistakenly compared herself and her roommate, 28, to "oil and vinegar," which actually pair quite nicely together on salads and subs) or worry much about exposing her undergarments on national television (see: her second rose ceremony look), but here's what else to know about this season's villain.

She studied at Florida State University and New York University.

According to her LinkedIn, Victoria majored in Business, Management, Marketing and Related Support Services at FSU, but left to travel through Europe. During her time as an undergrad she developed a passion for health and wellness, and she says on her website that she "struggled with counting calories" and "excessive working out." After moving to Los Angeles, she graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an online school accredited by NYU.

She experienced trauma as a result of losing loved ones.

"Loss of loved ones can build up with underlying anxiety and wreck havoc on new relationships and one's self and essentially, that's what I was dealing with," the reality star wrote on Instagram last September. "I decided once and for all I wanted to handle this and I really committed and did the work. I began with a lot of meditation and therapy."

She runs her own company, Vikki Larson Beauty.

The business offers dry brushes, health coaching sessions and self-tanner. The Jet Set Glow self-tanner serves as an accessible offshoot of her L.A.-based mobile spray tanning service Jet Set Glo. "I am obsessed with skin care and all things that add to longevity of life," she writes on the brand's website. "I also wanted to help others feel confident and glowy."

She’s a certified Pilates instructor.

She earned her certification to teach the low-impact exercise in early 2020. "Pilates is my favorite form of movement. With proper form and technique, pilates can further enhance every fitness workout," she writes. "Becoming certified to teach this year has been such a blessing so I can have another method to help my clients reach their health goals."

She also likes meditating and using crystals.

She first started using crystals in 2016 and called the practice "seriously life changing" on Instagram. Larson's crystals of choice: "my selenite, which cleanses energy and connects me to my highest self during meditation and my rose quartz which promotes self love and peace."

She used to work as a private jet attendant.

Sarah Trott might've scored the biplane one-on-one date with Matt, but Victoria worked as a flight attendant on private jets from 2014-19, according to her LinkedIn. She cites experience on GIV, GV, G550, Falcon7x, Bombardier Global XRS, Global 5000, Challenger604, Falcon 2000 and Legacy planes.

She received confidence coaching from influencer and reality TV host Serena Kerrigan.

"Victoria from The Bachelor was one of my confidence coaching clients and I think it's safe to say she really took my 'act like a queen' advice seriously," self-proclaimed Queen of Confidence Kerrigan, 26, tweeted earlier this month.

She might not be royalty, but she’s dipped her toes into the pageant world.

In December 2019, she announced her plans to enter the Miss California USA pageant in order to lobby for stricter pharmaceutical laws. The Bachelor contestant also did promotion modeling from 2013-18 for brands like Wynn Hotels and XS nightclub, Pinnacle Vodka, Grey Goose, Jagermeister, Belvedere, Disarrono and Pommer.

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She adopted a pandemic pup.

A few weeks into the coronavirus quarantine, Larson adopted a toy-sized dog named Coco Puff.

But she hasn’t let COVID-19 stop her from traveling.

The L.A.-based health coach visited Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas in August and flew to Florida for the holidays. (The CDC currently advises against traveling to protect yourself and others from the virus.)

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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