Adam Collard FaceTimed Love Island superfan Margot Robbie after second villa stint

Love Island's Adam Collard has spoken of his excitement at receiving a FaceTime call from two huge stars but admitted that because of a poor connection, he didn't realise who he was speaking to.

The double ex-Islander, who left the villa happily coupled up with Paige Thorne earlier this month, told a story on his YouTube channel.

Adam explained that during an episode of Aftersun, he was put on a call with Australian actress Margot Robbie, 32, and supermodel Cara Delevingne, 30.

Speaking to friend Mickey Seers, Adam, 26, said host Laura Whitmore, 37, arranged the call, describing the superstars as her "friends" but not revealing their identities.

Adam says: "So we're sitting there during the Aftersun Reunion and Laura Whitmore comes up to us, Paige (Thorne) was in the toilet."

He continues: "Laura was like, 'My friends want to meet you and Paige, will you FaceTime them?', so I was like, 'Yeah, yeah' and I FaceTimed them.

"Paige (24) was in the toilet so I jumped on myself. She was like, 'These are my two friends' so I was talking to them for a couple of minutes."

In the clip Adam is telling his tale to his amused pal and says: "They looked like they were in Mexico or Bali or somewhere like that, the connection was really bad and they were getting cut off.

"Just before they cut off Laura was just ready to end the call and the penny dropped – it was Margot Robbie and Cara Delevigne. I could not believe it".

Mickey asks: "Could your head have been turned?"

Adam replies: "My head was very turned. Paige came out the toilets and I went, 'look we need to talk, you're amazing but if Margot Robbie starts Facetiming me, a boy's got to move'."

Earlier this month Adam, was attacked while on a night out with girlfriend Paige, with a group “ripping his top” in a bar. The couple were enjoying a few drinks in a Newcastle bar when a group of men approached the couple and an altercation occurred.

A video of the incident showed Adam surrounded by people on a dancefloor. As he tries to defend himself, his shirt rips open and his friends can also be seen trying to break up the tense moment as a bouncer approaches the crowd towards the end of the video.

An eyewitness said the trouble started when a group spotted the couple at the bar just after midnight. They told The Sun: “Adam and Paige were just on a night, it wasn’t an official appearance or anything.

“Everyone was trying to crowd him and I think they were trying to crowd Paige and Adam wasn’t happy at all which was understandable.

The witness added: “Then people started to rip his top off and it all kicked off. It’s no surprise he wanted to defend himself and was obviously looking out for Paige as well."

A spokesperson for Adam confirmed the altercation had occurred as they told the publication: “Adam was trying to enjoy a quiet night in his hometown with friends when a large group of men began aggressively harassing them.

“Despite several attempts to diffuse the situation, the men continued to become more aggressive and started physically attacking Adam.

“Understandably, Adam and his friends were extremely shaken up by the situation and felt it was best to leave and we’re safely escorted by the security team outside. No further action has been taken.”


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