A Place in the Sun's viewers left pulling their hair out as buyers fail to spot BIG problem with villa

A PLACE in the Sun viewers were left pulling their hair out after a couple failed to notice a BIG problem with a villa.

Presenter Scarlette Douglas took Steve and Pam to an expat urbanisation in Spain's Costa Blanca region to look for a permanent home.

On the episode, the pair detailed how they were looking to find a three-bedroom and two-bathroom home with plenty of space.

With their budget of £155,000, they hoped to find a property with a garden, swimming pool and a storage area for Steve's drum kit.

Scarlette got down to work showing the couple a property in a quiet area with plenty of outside space, but the couple ruled it out.

Steve and Pam detailed how they weren't a fan of dark interiors and were not looking for a remote location like the countryside home.

Bringing them into town, the trio then visited a 20-property urbanisation in Villamartin, looking at one of their three-bed detached villas.

Overlooking the other houses in the area, the couple liked what the house had to offer including a swimming pool and a roof terrace.

Pam was particularly pleased with the view as they took to the terrace to scout out the area, saying: "That's brilliant. I like that, not overlooked that much, are we?"

Steve replied: "No, no. Not at all. Not considering the amount of houses around you and it's well-maintained. Good condition.

"The property is excellent, it takes all the boxes, we've got the en-suite bathroom, we've even got central heating through winter, like back home."

But viewers were concerned by the couple's admission that the property was not "overlooked" as windows of other houses could be spotted in the background.

Taking to Twitter, fans of the show kicked off the discussion, with one writing: "Not overlooked?! Turn round, loads of windows looking at you!"

A second chimed in: "It looks squashed in amongst other properties?"

While a third joked of the tight-knit housing complex: "They're not overlooked by more than 20,000 people."

After viewing all five properties on offer, Steve and Pam took time out to re-evaluate their budget to find a home with more space.

In the same episode, host Scarlette was forced to issue a warning to the newly wed couple as they searched for their dream home.

Property number one had four bedrooms and two bathrooms, but the communal pool did not take the couple's fancy, with Steve commenting that it felt "a bit enclosed".

Potential disturbance from the nearby traffic was also an issue despite the villa being on the market for £135,000 and the possibility of getting the price down to £126,000.

Scarlette quipped: "You’re hard to please, aren’t you?", as Steve made his feelings about the site very clear.

She later went on to warn the couple: "We have got a budget to work with, Pam and Steve, but I will try my best."

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at on Channel 4 at 4pm.

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