A Place in the Sun buyer breaks down after Jean disappointment

A Place in the Sun: Jean told ‘you’re giving me a headache’

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On Tuesday, Jean Johannson was back with a new series of A Place in the Sun where she showed couple, Julie and Derek five properties in France. The pair, who were looking for a two-bedroom house with the shabby-chic style, had a budget of £120,000, with a wriggle room of £10,000 for their dream holiday home.

The first property on Jean’s list was priced above the couple’s budget at £134,000.

Despite loving the outside of the townhouse, as soon as Julie and Derek stepped inside, they took a complete U-turn.

Derek took an instant dislike to the tiles on the walls, and even though they were willing to do the renovation work, Julie said the price was too high.

As they made their way outside, Julie issued a warning to the Channel 4 presenter, telling her she had set the bar low.

The couple ruled the property out completely, and it looked like Jean had her work cut out.

The property expert swiftly moved on to the next holiday home which was a five-bed village house.

Priced at the top end of their budget, Julie and Derek seemed blown away as they were keen to look around.

Jean’s luck seemed to be improving as the pair fell in love with the house.

“Knocked spots off the last one,” Derek beamed telling Jean that house number two was a contender.

The third property on her list was another five-bed house that came with a private wrap-around garden and a pond.

However, Jean failed to impress once again as the duo didn’t like the decor inside at all.

They agreed the outside area was the selling point, although, Julie said the inside reminded her of her “grandma’s house”.

Property number four, which was a two-bed farmhouse priced at £121,000, also failed to wow the house hunters.

Derek explained there was simply too much work for him to do, although, he didn’t rule it out.

As they continued, Jean was hoping Julie and Derek would like the final holiday home.

Although, when it came to making a decision, Julie was overcome with emotion and broke down in tears.

She explained they couldn’t make a choice and needed more time to think about their options.

When asked about the two properties in the running, Julie paused before fighting back tears.

“We have come to a decision,” the house hunter began before adding: “I don’t know why I am getting upset.”

“I so wanted to find something,” Julie continued airing her disappointment over Jean’s property choices. I love them both.”

Julie broke down in tears again as she continued: “The fourth property what we have decided to do is we are going to come back to France in three weeks.”

Derek had to finish Julie’s sentence as she was overcome with emotion again.

He told Jean they were going to work out how much it would cost to renovate property number four before heading back to France to view it again. However, in the end, the pair decided not to put an offer in at all.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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