A New Life in the Sun couple forced to close business after storm hits ‘Mayhem’

A New Life in the Sun: Couple close business due to storm

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During Sunday’s episode of A New Life in the Sun, the Channel 4 programme took a look back at the time couple Mark and Natalia set up their water sports business in June 2019. They met in Spain and a romance soon blossomed between them. The pair then decided to set up a paddleboarding business together as they both shared a passion for water sports.

Their business got off to a booming start as they attracted hundreds of holidaymakers during their first summer.

After welcoming their first child, the couple needed a bigger income to support their family and so set up a paddleboarding business in another location.

Speaking about their new business venture, Mark began: “It’s going to be fun trying to attract the new marketplace.

“Like I say, we are always up for a new challenge.”

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Mark explained they had to invest more money into their second business and ended up spending 10,000 Euros (£8,534) on new equipment.

With only three months left of the season, the couple needed to have a busy summer in order to make some of their money back.

They even extended their opening hours and expanded the number of activities they were offering.

Despite a successful opening, the couple’s venture suffered a blow in September 2019 when a major storm hit the coast – destroying businesses and homes in its wake.

As Mark looked out at the wreck, he commented: “It’s absolute mayhem. Look, at it.

“This used to be a boardwalk and that’s disappeared now. It’s been pushed out to sea.

“As you can see the carnage that has been caused. This wall which had been done at the start of the year has been destroyed now.”

As they began to clean up the mess, Mark and Natalia were forced to close their second paddleboarding business for the remainder of the season.

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“It’s a bit unfortunate and obviously money will be lost,” Mark added.

“Being closed is never a good idea, you know? Especially as we have such a small amount of time to make our money.”

In another revisit in September 2020, the couple hit another hurdle because of the coronavirus pandemic.

They were seeing fewer tourists than usual because there was a restriction on travelling abroad.

As a result, they decided not to re-open their second paddleboarding site because of the lack of holidaymakers.

Natalia explained: “This year because of the circumstances because of lockdown and the unknown situation in the future, we decided not to risk too much.

“Just in case because we may not be able to survive, basically.”

In a bid to earn more income, the couple ended up opening up a fresh-food café on the coast which ended up being a huge success.

A New Life in the Sun: Where are they now? is available to watch on All4.

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