5 Chilling Questions for 'Sabrina' Season 2: Twins, Choices, 'Riverdale' Dreams

With twist and turns and secrets galore, and after that huge finale moment, we’re so thankful Season 2 is already underway because we’ve got questions!

It’s been just over a week since Netflix debuted its enchanting teen horror-drama "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina." Now that most viewers have had the chance devour all 10 episodes of the Archie Comics-inspired series, it’s time to talk about what to expect on Season 2.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

The Season 1 finale, "The Witching Hour," was a game changer. Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka), the show’s half-witch, half-human teenage heroine, finally came out to her friends and her now ex-boyfriend Harvey Kinkle (Ross Lynch) about her witchy ways.

She also underwent literally one hell of a transformation. Sabrina finally signed her name (in blood) in the Book of the Beast, essentially sacrificing her own free will for some bad-ass powers enabling her to save her friends, family, coven, and town of Greendale from certain destruction at the hands of angry ghost witches.

The choice is one audiences could hardly fault Sabrina for making, but it raises several key questions about where the series might go on Season 2:

Sabrina Signed the Book — Now What?

Sabrina is plucky and rebellious, even by teenage standards. As she has one foot in the witching realm and another in the world of mortals, she’s grown accustomed to being a bit of an outcast who does things her own way. So, it made sense early on when she fled her own Dark Baptism because she didn’t want to sign the Book of the Beast and pledge fealty to the Dark Lord.

Of course, all that changed in the finale after her teacher Mrs. Wardwell (Michelle Gomez) convinced Sabrina to sign her name in exchange for the power to summon a hellfire that would consume her enemies.

It worked, but at what cost? In addition to tweaking her look, signing the book apparently filled Sabrina with a foreboding darkness that causes her to cut all her mortal ties, including with Harvey and her best friends, and join the ranks of the Weird Sisters at the witching school, the Academy of the Unseen Arts.

So, what comes next?


The show implies Sabrina now serves at the pleasure of the Dark Lord, but what precisely does that mean? Most everyone else in her coven has signed their names in the book, and they all seem to control their own destinies and live the kind of lives they want.

There were also several references made to answering the Dark Lord’s call whenever it might come. Is that like when The Godfather asks someone to repay a favor? Is Sabrina contractually compelled to do Satan’s bidding now, even if it’s something awful like killing innocent humans or conjuring up an apocalypse?

What’s the Dark Lord even, anyway? Via Mrs. Wardwell, his apparent mistress, we learn Sabrina is a chosen one and he’s determined to have her enlist in his army.

But to what end? Something tells us the devil won’t be asking Sabrina to make any late-night Taco Bell runs.

Will Sabrina’s Ex-Boyfriend Become a Witch Hunter?

Sabrina and Harvey were a rock-solid couple for much of Season 1. They watched scary movies, kissed, and whispered sweet nothings to each other.

Sure, there were a couple hiccups. For starters, upon first revealing she was a witch, Sabrina immediately regretted the decision to come clean and then she cast a spell to erase the conversation from his memory.

Another time, Sabrina’s coven colleagues cast a spell to collapse a mine in the hopes of killing members of the Kinkle family, descendents of witch hunters. Harvey was injured and Tommy (Justin Dobies) was killed, leading Sabrina to secretly resurrect Tommy. Not being all that great at necromancy, however, Sabrina screwed up the spell and brought Tommy back without a soul. Sabrina eventually came clean to Harvey about the botched resurrection … but left him to put down his own zombified brother.

Okay, on second thought, Sabrina was a horrible girlfriend to Harvey and as much as we root for her character to keep on fighting the good fight, she absolutely deserved to be dumped. Harvey, a saint of man, somehow forgave her and even tried to get back together with Sabrina, but after signing the Book of the Beast she felt it would no longer be safe for them to date or remain friends.


Considering witches killed his brother, broke his heart and nearly destroyed his entire town, it’s fair to wonder if Harvey might go full Kinkle in Season 2 and embrace his witch-hunting roots. He clearly still has feelings for Sabrina and it’s unlikely he’d ever harm her, but it’s no stretch to imagine him seeking vengeance against the Weird Sisters after he finds out they’re responsible for Tommy’s death.

You know what they say, Hell hath no fury like a Kinkle scorned!


Will Other Archie Comics Play a Greater Role on Season 2?

While the cast of CW’s "Riverdale" has trekked over to Sabrina’s hometown of Greendale several times on that show, Season 1 of "Chilling Adventures" didn’t see any Greendale kids returning the favor.

Sure, there were a few Easter Eggs: a poster at Sabrina’s Baxter High School for an upcoming bowling match against Riverdale High, Sabrina’s Archie thermos, Archie Comics posters on Harvey’s walls, a few throwaway lines about nearby Riverdale–but it was mostly background stuff. The only character crossover came when "Riverdale’s" Ben Button (Moses Thiessen) showed up to deliver a pizza to the evil Mrs. Wardwell … and wound up getting murdered on the job.

Can fans expect more significant crossovers on Season 2? Will "Chilling Adventures" characters will rear their heads on upcoming episodes of "Riverdale"?

Considering Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is the mastermind behind both shows, it’s certainly possible. But what would a major crossover event even look like?

Would Sabrina resurrect a few "Riverdale" characters killed off by the show’s serial killer the Black Hood? Will Jughead take a trip to the Greendale woods to party with witches and warlocks?

What about the other Archie Comics characters? Maybe Josie and the Pussycats could be the house band at Baxter High’s Homecoming Dance? Or how about the rest of their horror line featuring the likes of Jughead as a werewolf, vampire Veronica or the zombie apocalypse in "Afterlife with Archie."

What’s the Deal With Sabrina’s Parents?

In the first episode, we learn about Sabrina’s deceased parents. Her mother Diana Spellman was mortal and her father Edward Spellman, a powerful warlock, was the High Priest of the Church of the Night. Both died when she was very young and, while their witch-human relationship was scandalous, Sabrina had always been told they were killed in a foul-play-free plane crash while traveling abroad.

A few episodes in, however, it becomes apparent there’s a deeper mystery afoot.

First, the Weird Sisters tell Sabrina her parents were murdered, though it’s unclear if they’re just trying to rile her up. Next, she’s visited by the ghosts of Mom and Dad at her Dark Baptism –and they’re urging her not to sign the Book of the Beast. Later, when Sabrina visits the mortal limbo realm hoping to rescue Tommy, she bumps into the spirit of her mother.

It’s unclear how Diana arrived in limbo and her interaction with Sabrina is short-lived, as they’re both on the run from a monstrosity called the Soul Eater, but Diana does drop a pretty big bombshell.

"They took my baby after the baptism," she tells Sabrina.

Who took it? Is Sabrina even the baby in question? Also, did the Soul Eater wind up getting Diana? How did she and Edward really die? Why hide the truth from Sabrina? And why didn’t her parents want her signing the Book of the Beast?

At this point, there are far more questions than answers, but Sabrina’s parents and family history will almost certainly be a focal point of "Sabrina’s" sophomore season. Speaking of which…


Is Sabrina a Twin?

Twins play a big role in the witching world of Greendale.

In an early episode where all the Spellmans are caught in horrific nightmares, Aunt Hilda (Lucy Davis) gets confronted by a horrific version of Principal Hawthorne (Bronson Pinchot), who reveals a conjoined twin emanating from his stomach.

Additionally, a season long storyline involves Sabrina’s Aunt Zelda (Miranda Otto) midwifing for Father Blackwood (Richard Coyle), the Church of the Night’s current High Priest, and Lady Blackwood (Alvina August). After a portent involving Siamese-twin snails, Zelda discovers Lady Blackwood is pregnant with twins.

Zelda helps deliver the babies on the season finale while the Academy of the Unseen Arts is under attack. The delivery kills the mother, and when Father Blackwood comes to claim his newborn children, Zelda hits him with some bad news: Not only has Lady Blackwood died giving birth, but his son has consumed its twin in utero–leaving only one surviving child.

Excited for a male heir, Father Blackwood takes the news in stride. But at the very end of the episode we learn Zelda has lied. Lady Blackwood’s firstborn was actually a healthy female, so Zelda kidnapped the girl for fear of how Father Blackwood might dispose of his female heir.

Hilda is shocked after learning Zelda has brought the girl home and she suggests they’ll most certainly be caught. "But we can raise her," Zelda tells Hilda. "We’ve done it before."

Wait, what? Are they talking about Sabrina?

That might actually answer a few questions, considering the pilot episode includes a scene where Sabrina has a vision of her parents taking care of not one but two babies.

Does Sabrina has a twin? And is her twin the one Diana’s spirit spoke of when she said her baby was taken after its baptism?

At this point, the twin theory is just that. But for those desperately seeking tie-ins to Melissa Joan Hart’s beloved "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" sitcom, it makes sense. The mythology on that show dictated that every Spellman has a twin.

An evil twin, to be precise.

"Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" is streaming now on Netflix.

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