10 Marvel stars you'd forgotten were in Doctor Who

Before becoming the superheroes (or villains) that we perhaps know them best for, plenty of Marvel stars took a turn in Doctor Who. So many, in fact, that it almost seems like a rite of passage, sort of like a sci-fi version of The Bill for a budding Marvel actor…

1. Karen Gillan – Amy Pond/Nebula

Well, obvs.

Amy Pond became of the one of the fiercest women in the galaxy as Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy. Instead of the quirky, passionate redhead we all knew and loved, the star transformed into a bald, part-cyborg alien.

As a ruthless fighter with some serious sibling rivalry issues, Nebula could not have been more different to our favourite Kissogram from Leadworth.

2. Christopher Eccleston – The Doctor/Malekith

Okay, you hadn’t *forgotten* he was in Doctor Who.

After spending one season defending the earth as the ninth Doctor in the rebooted series of Doctor Who, Chris swapped the sonic screwdriver for pointy ears in Thor: The Dark World, where he played Malekith, the ruler of the Dark Elves, determined to use the Aether on the nine realms and destroy all life (so quite the change).

One thing the two did have in common was that Christopher wasn’t a huge fan of working on either project. Speaking to The Guardian, he said: “Thor? Just a gun in your mouth. Gone in 60 Seconds was a good experience. Nic Cage is a gentleman and fantastic actor. But GI Joe and Thor were… I really paid for being a whore those times.”

3. Andrew Garfield – Frank/Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t technically MCU, but since Spider-Man in now a fully-fledged character in the universe, this one counts, right? In Doctor Who, Andrew plays Frank in Daleks in Manhattan, a goodhearted New Yorker who lives in the shanty town of Hooverville.

He helps the Doctor and Martha defeat the Daleks, who are creating part-pig, part-human slaves. Of course, Andrew soon left Hooverville for Brooklyn when he played the web-slinging Peter Parker for the 2012 reboot of the superhero franchise.

4. Josh Dallas – Mark Chambers/Fandral

For Once Upon a Time fans, Josh can only ever be Prince Charming, but he has in fact had roles in both Doctor Who and Thor. In the sci-fi show he (quite hilariously, we might add), plays one of the floating heads in Silence in the Library.

He then went on to star as Fandral, one of the Warriors Three, in the first of the three Thor films. The part was originally offered to Zachary Levi, who took over from Josh as the Asgardian for the second and third film. Rude!

5. Jenna Coleman – Clara/Connie

Not so much forgetting she’d been in Doctor Who as not noticing she’d been in a Marvel film: blink and you miss her, but Jenna did indeed star in the first Captain America film before taking on the TARDIS as Clara Oswald.

Jenna plays Connie, Bucky’s date to the World Expo who is delighted to see Howard Stark’s inventions. If you think about it, Connie is the first of the Bucky fangirls!

6. Toby Jones – The Dream Lord/Arnim Zola

Toby took on two very different villainous roles in Doctor Who and Captain America: The First Avenger. In the latter, he plays Arnim Zola, a genius German scientist who is Red Skull’s right hand man. In Winter Soldier, Toby’s voice also makes an appearance as Arnim’s consciousness uploaded to a supercomputer, creating ‘Project Insight’ to keep Hydra alive.

In Doctor Who he plays the Dream Lord, a snarky figure trapping the Doctor, Amy and Rory, who eventually turns out to be a manifestation of the Doctor’s darkest thoughts. Lovely.

7. Tony Curran – Vincent Van Gogh/Bor Burison

Tony might be most memorable for his emotional portrayal of Vincent Van Gogh in ‘Vincent and the Doctor’, but the actor has had not one but two outings in the Marvel Universe. In Thor: The Dark World he played Bor Burison, Odin’s father, in a flashback revealing how Asgard originally defeated Malekith. He also played the Irish mobster Finn Cooley in Daredevil.

8. Talulah Riley –Miss Evangelista/Asgardian Nurse

Talulah played Miss Evangelista in ‘Silence in the Library’ and ‘Forest of the Dead’, and has a particularly gruesome death as she is killed by the Vashta Nerada but continues to remain conscious until her data ghost ran out of power. Not pleasant.

The actress, who also starred in Westworld, had a small part in Thor: The Dark World as an Asgardian nurse who helps after Jane absorbs the Aether.

9. David Tennant – The Doctor/Kilgrave

Marvel TV counts too! In an English accent creepily similar to that of the tenth Doctor, Tennant was critically acclaimed for his portrayal of Kilgrave in Jessica Jones. In the show, the antagonist has the terrifying power of being able to make anyone do exactly as he says, leaving Jessica traumatised after he controls her for months.

10. Finn Jones – Santiago Jones/Danny Rand

While Finn Jones had two seasons as Danny Rand in Iron Fist and The Defenders, the actor had an early role starring in one episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures as Santiago Jones, the grandson of Jo and Clifford Jones.

There were originally plans to make him a larger character, but they were shelved after the show’s star, Elisabeth Sladen, sadly passed away in 2011.

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