Why Chanel West Coast’s Music Video For ‘I Want You’ Is Turning Heads

Chanel West Coast wants love, and she’s not afraid to ask for what she wants. The star, who made a name for herself on MTV’s Ridiculousness alongside Sterling “Steelo” Brim and Rob Dyrdek, is a quadruple threat and has been steadily building up her music career throughout the years. Though Chanel’s primarily a rapper and has released bangers like “Secure the Bag” and “Sharon Stoned” — which was about her feud with Sharon Stone — she has a soft side to her as well.

Chanel, who turned 32 in September 2020, dropped the music video for “I Want You” on Feb. 14, 2021, as a Valentine’s Day treat for her fans. Chanel does not rap on the sexy jam but showcases her sultry vocals as she reminisces about wanting to be with an old lover. The vid extravagantly showcases her longing, but there’s more to the story. And let’s just say how Chanel tells her truth is turning some heads — we reveal why below.

Chanel West Coast bares all… figuratively and literally

Chanel West Coast’s “I Want You” video begins with her sauntering a purple-themed bedroom underneath a massive chandelier. Chanel has her brunette locks in an up-do while rocking a pale lavender dress and diamond accessories. “Here we are, under time,” Chanel mouths into the camera, almost as if she’s addressing the lover she lost. “Between love and life/Hands are tied, do I try.”

It’s clear that Chanel regrets her breakup and wants to get back with her lover. She talks to herself in front of a big mirror while singing, “Mirror lies side by side/This time, won’t let you slide by,” according to Genius. When Chanel breaks into the chorus, she looks seductively into the camera while sitting on a heart-shaped bed before the camera transitions to another room. The room change also means an outfit change for Chanel, who stuns in red sparkly lingerie and heels, leaving little to the imagination. With her hair down, Chanel sexily writhes around, and then she gets up to slow dance for the camera. Later she makes a phone call to her lover underneath a neon sign that reads “Heartbreak Hotel,” indicating that she’s over being lonely and wants to get back with her ex.

Chanel concludes the video with her dancing on the bed, seemingly showing her ex what they’re missing. The star’s moves impressed fans, with one person writing on YouTube, “Love it girl! That red outfit is FIRE!!,” while someone else said, “Daaaayyuuummm!! She killed it.”

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