What You Need To Know About Drake’s Father Dennis Graham

Drake’s success in music could be credited to the legacy passed down through his father Dennis Graham. The Memphis native had worked in music long before he met Drake’s (Aubrey Graham’s) mother, Sandra Sher, at a nightclub in Toronto, per Billboard. Growing up immersed in the funk, rock, and soul sounds Memphis is known for, Graham was able to teach himself how to play piano, guitar and drums at a young age, via Dennis Graham Music. His talents led him to performing with several bands and even rock n roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis.

Drake got to experience the culture of Memphis during his summer trips down south with his dad, via XXL. The “Hotline Bling” hitmaker introduced fans to his pops while highlighting his southern upbringing in his 2013 music video for “Worst Behavior”. “He just wanted to show where he spent his summers,” Graham said of the video’s theme, per XXL. “People was saying on the streets that he didn’t have any street credit. He just wanted to show where he actually really came from. He grew up there. I brought him down every year. We used to drive from Toronto to Memphis every summer. … We lived in a section of Memphis called White Haven, and that’s where he spent his summers. And it is the hood.”

Drake’s career continued to skyrocket after the video, and it was something his father always knew was coming.

Dennis Graham always knew Drake would be a star

Despite Drake’s early start as a child star in “Degrassi”, Dennis Graham always knew his son would acquire superstardom through music. “He wrote all the time. He wrote on paper all the time, ever since he was a young man,” Graham told XXL. “Putting his thoughts down on paper. I think he still has that notebook he used to use to write in. I knew he was going to be a star from the time he was a kid at 5 years old. I told him, ‘You’re are going to be a star,’ and sure enough.”

But Drake isn’t the only star in the family. Since becoming a household name, Drake has helped his dad secure his own fame and fanbase through appearances on his albums and music videos. Graham’s growing popularity even led to the Canadian band The Arkells penning the 2015 song “Drake’s Dad.” After years of playing instruments in the background of a band, Graham stepped to the forefront in 2017 with the release of his debut single “Kinda Crazy”, via Dennis Graham Music.

With Graham getting his start in the early days of rock n’ roll, he notes the evolution of music, but doesn’t think it’s changed. “It’s basically the same, just the difference in generation,” he said. “It’s always going to stay the same as far as the venues and sound.” He passed that confidence down to his son and it clearly worked out for them both!

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