T-Pain Doubles Down on Why Eating a Burrito Sideways Is the ONLY Way to Consume It

Burritos are a Mexican dish most people have had at some point in their life. It is a dish consisting of a flour tortilla filled with rice, beans, cheese, usually meat like chicken or steak, and any other filling you wish to have. Then it’s wrapped up and made into a round shape.

Traditionally, a person eating a burrito starts at one rounded end and eats it until its gone. However, the famous rapper known as T-Pain once tweeted that he likes to eat his burrito sideways. Recently, T-Pain appeared on the YouTube series, Hot Ones, and explained why he eats his burritos in this fashion. 

Who is T-Pain?

T-Pain is a famous rapper, known for his use of autotune in his songs. His real name is Faheem Majm, and he is the middle child of five. T-Pain also grew up in Tallahassee, Florida. According to Ace Show Biz, he started experimenting with beats and rapping at the age of 10.

In the early 2000s, T-Pain was in a rap group called the Nappy Headz. It wasn’t long until he decided to set out to have a solo career. T-Pain made a remix of Akon’s song titled “Locked Up.” When Akon heard the remix, he decided to sign T-Pain on to Konvict Music, Akon’s record label.

Around this time, T-Pain started using his stage name; the “T” in T-Pain stands for Tallahassee. His first single, “I’m Sprung,” was released in 2005 and made it to the top 10 pop and R & B/hip hop lists. It was self-produced and self-written.

Shortly after this, T-Pain released the hit song “I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper).” This song also made it on to the top 10 list and boosted his fan base. He went on to have four more songs chart on the top 10 and eventually won two Grammy Awards.

T-Pain has also assisted and collaborated with other artists, such as Chris Brown, Kanye West, and Pitbull. Last year, he released a new album titled “1Up.” 

T-Pain eats a burrito sideways

In 2016, T-Pain took to Twitter to defend how he eats his burritos. In the tweet, he said: “MFs tryin to tell me I’m the wrong one because I eat burritos sideways. I’m not gonna be a part of your liberal society cuz.”

A few fans were supportive of eating a burrito this way, but others were either angry or confused. One fan just called him a “monster,” while another person asked: “What do you do when you get 3 bites in and it starts to collapse in on itself?”

T-Pain never replied on exactly how this works. Still, some a couple of fans posted photos of their burritos with a bite out of the top.

Why this makes sense

Earlier this year, T-Pain appeared on the YouTube series, Hot Ones, for the second time. On the show, host Sean Evans interviews guest celebrities. At the same time, they attempt to eat chicken wings covered in hot sauce, with each wing being spicier than the last.

After a few questions, Evans mentioned T-Pain’s tweet about eating his burritos sideways instead of the traditional sense. He also told T-Pain that he was comforted by this because he once ate a taco from the top, and the internet roasted him for it.

T-Pain responded by saying he tries to tell people why he eats a burrito sideways, saying,”…it turns into a taco eventually.”

He said people typically learn to eat food a certain way, so they would probably be embarrassed to try it any other way. However, people should be proud of how they eat burritos. So, the next time you eat a burrito, maybe try eating it sideways. 

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