Survey: People Think This Celebrity Is Most Likely To Host A Game Show

To be a successful game show host, you have to meet a few requirements. You need to be comfortable working in front of the cameras, you have to be likable to both viewers and competitors, and you have to have that certain something that makes you stand out among the rest. When you think of the most famous game show hosts of all time, names like Alex Trebek, Pat Sajak, and Bob Barker likely come to mind. But if you were to make a bet regarding what celebrity might eventually follow in their trivia-savvy, wordy, and prize-offering footsteps, who would you choose? Nicki Swift conducted a survey asking just that and 627 people in the United States revealed who their choices would be.

While 9.09% of respondents voted for various famous figures like Jennifer Lopez and Tim Allen, only 4.47% felt like Harry Styles would end up hosting a game show. More people — 7.81% of respondents to be exact — think Pete Davidson might eventually take on this sort of gig, while Cardi B earned 9.57% of the votes in our survey. Beyond that, 14.19% think that Drew Barrymore could be their new favorite game show host, while 15.47% voted for Dave Chappelle and 15.79% opted for Chrissy Teigen.

While we’d love to see any of those stars announce that they’re premiering a new game show (or taking over an existing one), there was another celebrity who people think is even more likely to take on that specific role.

Does Kelly Clarkson have what it takes to host a game show?

Can Kelly Clarkson consider you a fan? If so, that wouldn’t be surprising considering the fact that she has released plenty of popular albums, earned multiple Grammy Awards, and racked up over five million followers on Instagram and more than 12 million followers on Twitter. Frankly, Clarkson has been a fan favorite ever since she first found fame on one of the most popular reality TV competition shows to ever hit screens. When she showed up for the first season of American Idol back in 2002, she proved that she has what it takes to perform under high-pressure circumstances and capture the attention of audiences. 

Clarkson eventually went on to land her own (now-successful) talk show in 2019 and has interviewed famous faces like Daisy Ridley, Nick Jonas, and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, just to name a few. While the singer’s many years in the industry and surely connected network are likely incredibly helpful when it comes to being a host, the star also has a natural talent for putting others at ease and can easily chat with (seemingly) anyone.

With all of this working in Clarkson’s favor, it’s no wonder that 23.6% of respondents who took Nicki Swift‘s survey think that she could end up as a game show host. Would you watch?

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