Strictly’s Neil Jones ‘can’t trust women after Katya cheating scandal’ says ex

Strictly Come Dancing will be back on our screens shortly, and every year fans wonder if any couples will fall foul of the so-called Strictly curse, as professionals Neil, 39, and Katya Jones , 31, found out back in 2018.

Katya was seen kissing her dance partner Sean Walsh on a night out, which caused her and Neil to apply to divorce, as well as Sean's relationship with his girlfriend to end.

Neil seemed to move on as he coupled up with Luisa Eusse, 24, but it wasn't to be.

Now his ex has spoken out and said their relationship was always doomed to fail after what he went through with Katya.

She claimed their five month relationship came to an end after Neil became 'obsessive' about where she was, and who with.

Luisa told The Sun: "He was messed up by what happened with Katya — and it affected our relationship so much I felt he could never trust me."

"I sensed he was constantly anxious I was seeing other men and women or I may cheat on him.

She even claimed he acted like "her dad."

"If I went out in the evening, he would wait up all night and then quiz me on where I had been, like he was my dad. It made him impossible to be with.

"I can understand it in some ways and you can't blame him for still being bruised by Katya's cheating but I couldn't live with someone like that."

Luisa and Neil's relationship escalated quickly.

The couple moved in together just three weeks after meeting in a nightclub last year.

Despite the fairytale beginning, cracks began to show after the first month when Neil 'started to show a different side to his personality', according to his ex.

Luisa claims things were worse for Neil when Covid meant he had to live in a bubble with other Strictly stars.

She said: "I think that was the start of his jealousy. I was worried if I hugged one of my guy friends or commented a girl was attractive. He started contacting my friends and asking where I was."

The couple then broke up last December: "I told him I couldn't do it anymore."

"He apologised, saying he was insecure because I was spending so much time with my friends.

"I think Katya's cheating messed up his head, but he needs to deal with his issues or he is never going to have a healthy relationship,' she concluded.

Neil told Hello! last year: 'If people are not honest with me, then I can't accept them in my life. We've sat down and talked and we've both been really honest with each other and I feel we've turned a corner."

He addressed some of the issues at the time: "But I can't stand here and say everything is perfect even now."

"Luisa is a free spirit and loves life and it's not easy to be in the public eye, but she accepts she has made mistakes that could also have an impact on my life."

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