Song You Need to Know: Kareem Ali, 'Como Me Siento Por Ti'

The producer Kareem Ali displayed his mastery of serene propulsion last year on tracks like “The Great Beyond,” “Changed My Life,” and “In My Spaceship,” where waves of placid electronics wash over brittle programmed drums. His new single, “Como Me Siento Por Ti (Instrumental Version),” builds on this foundation, with synthesizer arpeggios buttressed by sturdy piano chords, both working together to swaddle and soothe a massive, agitated kick drum.

Ali’s pacing is measured and immaculate: The piano enters the track after the synthesizer cycles through a motif four times; the kick drum comes in after another four rounds. Later the producer adds a wispy scrap of vocals, a man repeating the simple phrase “I feel so alone.” His tone is gentle and conversational, like a sigh that happened to be caught on tape. After the three-minute mark, the vocals appear to swell and then quietly trail off.

After spraying releases left and right in 2019 and 2020 — he put nine albums on Spotify alone, and even more music on Bandcamp, including the R&B-sampling standout “Desire”  — Ali has been quiet in 2021. He welcomed the year with a new single, “Godson of House,” which came out New Year’s Day. Then he released nothing for three months.

“Como Me Siento Por Ti (Instrumental Version)” appears on Getting Through, a five-track EP released Monday.

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