Sharon Osborne says she had ketamine therapy after being branded a racist

Sharon Osbourne has revealed she underwent a stint in therapy following her dismissal from US TV show, The Talk, last year.

She was axed from the show following allegations of racism after she weighed in on the Piers Morgan and Meghan Markle debate.

The TV panellist admitted she went to therapy for nine months following the incident, which she claimed saved her life.

She has since returned to the spotlight with a new show, also titled The Talk.

During a debate on the new series, Sharon agreed with Prince Harry in saying that therapy in the UK should be normalised.

She said: "I had therapy in America for nine months and the only place I went for three months was to the therapist. I wouldn’t go out.

"All I could think of was, that everything I’ve done in my life, and this was the end, this is how people are going to remember me as, that’s what they’re going to know me as, being called a racist," she added, saying the consequences were ‘devastating’ for her and her family.

Sharon explained that she had undergone ketamine treatment three times a week with a medically trained therapist.

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She said: "It puts you in a place where you’re in comfort, you’re not nervous, you’re not embarrassed about what you want to say. It puts you in a place of complete calm.

"He will talk to you and you answer. They call it the 'truth drug' because you can’t lie on it.

"I honestly believe that, if I hadn’t done that, then I wouldn’t be sat here today.

"I’ve always had a terrible, terrible depression problem. I’ve tried to top myself so many times, I’ve given up trying. But it’s like, I’ve had a problem mentally probably since I was a child."

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