See Queen Naija Stroll on the Beach in Scenic ‘Butterflies’ Video

Queen Naija walks barefoot on the sand in her new acoustic performance video for “Butterflies.” The song appeared in July on the singer’s major-label debut EP.

The sound of “Butterflies” evokes Tamia in the “Officially Missing You” era: Soft, precisely articulated guitar licks and direct expressions of affection — “I just wanna know you would catch me if I fall/ If you tell me, ‘yeah,’ boy, I might just risk it all.” Queen Naija really goes for it vocally, belting out key lines in a way she avoided on her breakout hit, “Medicine.”

In the unadorned “Butterflies” performance video, Queen Naija moseys back and forth across a scenic stretch of beach, microphone in hand, as waves lap at her feet. Her guitarist strums quietly in the shadow of a larger boulder. Not much happens, but the effortful singing helps to sell the clip.

Queen Naija became famous on YouTube before embarking on a music career. “Medicine,” a scathing, vengeful track aimed at an unfaithful partner, became popular on both YouTube and SoundCloud and earned the singer a deal with Capitol Records. With major-label support, “Medicine” recently cracked the Top Ten at mainstream radio; more than 14 million listeners encountered it on the airwaves last week.

The singer followed “Medicine” with another track in the same vein, “Karma.” Promisingly for Queen Naija, that was also one of the most-added singles at radio last week.

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