Russell Kane’s launches rant at Love Island stars as Hugo is branded ‘too nice’

Comedian Russell Kane has hit out at Love Island stars in a foul-mouthed rant on TikTok.

In the first episode of the new series which aired on Monday night, PE teacher Hugo Hammond was branded "too nice" by a number of the girls, including Sharon Gaffka and Faye Winter.

After the episode the funnyman shared a video on Twitter where he sarcastically told how being a nice person will not get you laid in Love Island.

As he was being driven in a car, he said: "Gentlemen have you watched Love Island yet? A secret has been given away.

"If you want to known the number one way to turn off a woman. The number one way to dry up a vag in 10 seconds, do you know what it is gentlemen? Don’t worry it’s not to be out of shape, have a belly, have no hair, it’s nothing like that.

"Be kind, if you are either kind, considerate, or seem like a nice person, you will not be getting laid in the Love Island villa.

“'I need someone to be pure be f***ing horrible to me – ideally just pure just f***ing spit in my face and f**k my sister. It would be such a turn on if he was a cocaine dealer and had kids by another woman.'

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“What the f***? If you want to pull in their lads just go, ‘Do you mind if I buy you a drink and emotionally abuse you?'

"‘Oh my god that’s so pure hearted, being emotionally abused,'" he added, as he mocked the girls and their apparent types on paper.

It's not the first time the comedian has lashed out at Love Island stars.

In 2019 he gave his scathing verdict of the stars of fifth series.

He said: "Thank you Love Island for another b****nd safari.

"Best character, easy, Anton – the Scottish love rat: 'I just love girls, my favourite thing is to get my mum to shave my bottom after I've had a fresh jobby.'"

He continued: "Genuine brainy chick Yewande – the Irish scientist, funniest bit of the whole episode was when the tall bird, Anna from London, said 'I'm just like you, I'm a pharmacist, same thing'."

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