Rising Star Babé Sila ‘working on EP’ following release of incredible new single

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    Singer-songwriter Babé Sila is our latest Rising Star, as the musician talks about her new single Fresh Pinks, being influenced by Mariah Carey and working on a new EP with the next generation of music talent.

    The Hungarian-born star, who first made her music debut in 2016, has already been hailed as "the Queen of R'n'B" in her hometown of Budapest, something that singer described as "amazing."

    Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Babé said she was "super proud" of the accolade, adding: "There was this one article that referenced me as 'the Queen of R'n'B' and it was amazing. It was just one article, but people keep picking up on it."

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    She continued: "It was great to be that in my hometown and my home country."

    Since then, the star's career has moved onwards and upwards, with Babé releasing her beautiful, jazz-infused new single Fresh Pinks in July 2022.

    The song, which tells the story of the beauty of a past relationship, is accompanied by a stunning video by Director Dora Riederauer, which is set in what Babé describes as "two different dimensions."

    "The song itself is super rich in sound," said Babé.

    "We really wanted to pair it with a simple music video, to let the music speak and not to take away from this very rich sound with the visuals. It's beautiful, but simple in its concept.

    "Fresh Pinks is about two different dimensions. One is where I'm alone and in my head, and the other is when I'm surrounded with people, or musicians, or with love. The song is a love song. We tried to translate it into this loneliness, or being in love with a partner.

    She continued: "We just visualised me singing along by myself, and then singing with a band, and tried to mix these pictures up so the audience doesn't really know… is it at the same time? Or is it my imagination? That was the concept around it."

    The song itself also features Babé's gorgeous, soulful vocals, with the singer explaining that she was influenced by artists including Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and Sade growing up.

    "I remember being a kid and trying to imitate these huge vibratos that they did, so these artists were definitely an influence from a young age," she explained.

    After living in cities including Miami and growing up in her hometown of Budapest, Babé now splits her time between London and New York, where she continues to draw on the influence of the incredible artists in each city's music scene.

    As the singer prepares to release a new EP, which she has produced with the next generation of music talent from City University London, Babé also revealed what the future has in store for her – and who she hopes to work with in the future.

    "I'm working on an EP at the moment with London based producers, and they are all students at City University London. They're all very young and creative. I'm so happy to work with them," said Babé.

    "I'm really privileged to work with them. I wrote Fresh Pinks with them. We're working on four or five new songs, that I'm going to put on an EP."

    Reflecting on the future, she continued: "I've been in London for the past three years, and I've been watching the scene. I know exactly who I'd love to work with, and the musical circles I'd love to be in.

    "I really look up to Joey Crooks, Clio Soul – she's so good. She's one of my favourites. She works with In Flow, the producer, and whatever he makes is gold. I hope one day I can work with him.

    "I listen to a lot of UK R'n'B and it would be great to work with these artists."

    Babé Sila's single, Fresh Pinks, is available to download and stream now.

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