Riley Keough: How Michael Jackson had huge impact on Elvis Presley’s granddaughter


Riley Keough has starred in movies from director Steven Soderbergh in her adulthood. She is the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, whose career has likely impacted Riley in many ways. However, Elvis is not the only famous musician to hold an important role in her life – as did her late stepfather Michael Jackson.

Riley Keough has had roles in Soderbergh’s movie Magic Mike, before appearing in Mad Max: Fury Road, American Honey, It Comes at Night and Logan Lucy.

As well as being Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter, therefore the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, another famous man had been a big figure in her life: Michael Jackson.

From the looks of it, she and the singer were very close, even to the extent Riley was able to bring one of his pet chimps to school with her.

Speaking on The Late Late Show with James Corden back in 2017, Riley said: “I didn’t know Elvis, but I did know Michael [Jackson].

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“He’d get me lots of toys and things I wanted.”

Her mother, Lisa Marie, was married to Michael from 1994 to 1996, but they had no children.

Lisa Marie had two children already from her first marriage to bassist Danny Keough: her daughter Riley, born Danielle, and her son Benjamin.

Riley said of her stepfather: “One time he got me this really nice watch. We were at Disneyland.

“He bought me this really nice watch. It was a Beauty and the Beast watch — It was a really special one.”

Adding further detail about her relationship to Bubbles the Chimp, Michael’s famous companion, Riley said: “[Bubble the Chimp] was great. There was like a few different chimps that I remember.

“I don’t remember which one is which. I remember one pulling on my curtains in my house and then one went to school with me one time, which was pretty cool.”

She and her family have said they celebrate Elvis Week as much as possible in Memphis, though things will likely be different at this time.

Lisa Marie and Riley recently spoke out about the death of Benjamin, Riley’s brother, who took his own life at their home in California last week.

Speaking of Benjamin, Lisa Marie’s manager and spokesman Roger Widynowski said: “She is completely heartbroken, inconsolable and beyond devastated but trying to stay strong for her 11-year-old twins and her oldest daughter Riley.

“She adored that boy. He was the love of her life.”

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