Rico Nasty Collaborates With Love Ghost on New Song 'Wolfsbane'

Rico Nasty has teamed up with fellow emo-trap act Love Ghost and contributed a guest verse to their new song “Wolfsbane.”

“‘Wolfsbane’ wanted to get me in my rock bag,” Rico said in a statement. “I love when bands want to bring me into their world and let me rock out. The production behind this song is fire. It gives two different vibes when the beat switches, bringing a hard-rock element.”

According to Love Ghost frontman Finnegan Bell, the song derives its name from old folk tales about the wolfsbane flower, which was thought to protect medieval villagers from werewolves.

“I wanted to write a song about werewolves, but from a mental health perspective,” Bell said. “I wanted to write about something that you wish you could change and you have to fight every day. But unfortunately, it’s what you become — whether that’s mental illness, demons, addiction, etc. It’s for the listener to decide.”

On working with Rico Nasty, he added: “Rico Nasty is one of my favorite artists in the universe and I’ve listened to her since I was in high school. She is a total and complete rockstar! When I first got the phone call that we might get her on the track, I was shaking, I couldn’t believe it. It was surreal. But, sure enough, the stars aligned and it was one of those rare moments in life where everything just clicked. She is extremely talented and absolutely killed her verse. I am so grateful for her support and I am humbled to have worked with such a legend.”

Rico Nasty released the single “Magic” last month and teased that a new mixtape, Rx, would be arriving this summer.

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