Rebel Wilson suffers brutal rib injury after being knocked over by ‘freak wave’

Rebel Wilson painfully injured her ribs after taking a brutal tumble in the ocean.

The 40-year-old Australian actress was attempting to save her friend's handbag when the painful accident happened.

Rebel had been filming a standalone episode of Straight Talking in Mexico with Ant Middleton, 40.

The programme sees the former British soldier push the comedian to her limits in an array of challenges.

However, Rebel revealed she suffered the painful injury a day after filming for the show finished.

The Bridesmaids star recalls the dramatic event during Friday's episode of the Graham Norton Show.

She says: "We did all this crazy stuff in the show like swimming with sharks, horse riding and driving dune buggies, but the day after we finished filming, I went the beach to do some 'hot' pictures for Instagram."

Rebel continued: "A freak wave came up and knocked us and my friend’s handbag into the ocean.

"I went running in like Baywatch to save the bag and got hit against the rocks, grazing my arm and brutally bruising my ribs.

"I did all those dangerous things with Ant and a trip to the beach was my downfall."

Talking about her experience with Ant, who is known for starring in SAS Who Dares Wins, Rebel said she wasn't aware of his interrogation skills before taking part in the show.

She told presenter Graham that producers only informed her hours before filming commenced.

Rebel explained: "I didn't know about that. They only told me when I got into the Mexican wilderness.

"I'm not sure what secrets I had to give up, but I am quite candid anyway, so he didn't have to squeeze that hard.

"I was down for the adventure and found out about the interrogation and all the dangerous stuff later."

Ant interviewed Rebel in Mexico for the second show in his Straight Talking series.

In an episode that aired last year, he travelled to the Namibian desert with Liam Payne.

Ant Middleton & Rebel Wilson: Straight Talking airs on 14 January at 9pm on Sky One

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