Real Housewives’ Lauren didn’t understand menopause as doctors ‘palmed her off’

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star Lauren Simon claims she didn't notice she was suffering from menopausal symptoms as doctors told her she was "fine"

Lauren, 50, has spoken out about her experience with the menopause ahead of bearing all in a new ITV documentary, The Real Housewives and the Menopause, which sees the glamourous ladies discuss their experiences.

The businesswoman says the topic of the menopause was often considered a taboo subject but feels as though the public needs to know more about what women go through.

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Lauren urges women to continue pushing doctors for further treatment if they feel as though they're not getting anywhere as women "deserve to feel as good as you possibly can" after being "palmed off".

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star about her symptoms, she said: "I had memory fog, I was taking a herbal supplement for memory loss.

"I was taking black cohosh and red clover, I'm really into the herbal side. You see me going to a Chinese herbalist, she made this concoction of this tea that I'm supposed to drink twice a day.

"It was undrinkable, it tasted like mud, wee and coffee together – that was an interesting scene."

She continued: "[In the documentary] I go out with my friends and we talk about what symptoms you're supposed to get which is an itchy, dry vagina which I have not got.

"I was lucky enough to film with the girls I'm friends with, I did quite a lot of filming on my own."

Reflecting on her experience with the menopause, Lauren told us: "I didn't even know what the menopause was, so for me, it was a journey about actually getting to understand what menopause meant.

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"I've had a coil for years so I've not had any periods or anything, so I never really took much interest in it.

"I had a few hot sweats and stuff a couple of years ago, I went to the doctor and they basically said to me 'you're fine, there's nothing going on'.

"I don't feel that I'm 50, I still think I'm 40, I always think that menopause is for old people"

But now the firey red-head knows exactly what she's going through, explaining: "Now I know exactly what the menopause is and I'm actually on oestrogen on my leg, every day."

While offering advice to women, Lauren said: "When you to the doctor and they tell you you're fine, don't listen, keep asking questions, don't give in.

"You think 'Oh don't take the oestrogen' but when you don't have the oestrogen in your body, you get brittle bones, you get osteoporosis, my hair has gone really thin.

"Keep asking, we have a really good NHS system, go for the blood test and when they say no, keep doing it, I think they're on a budget and I know the doctors palm you off but keep asking questions because you deserve to feel as good as you possibly can."

The Real Housewives and the Menopause is on ITVBe and ITV Hub on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th August at 9pm


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