Queen drummer Roger Taylor releases cover of classic track The Clapping Song – LISTEN

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After weeks of teases, Queen drummer Roger Taylor has released another single from his upcoming new solo album Outsider. The latest is a cover of 1965 classic The Clapping Song. The popular track’s best-known version is by Shirley Ellis, while it’s also been sampled by the likes of Radiohead and Tom Waits.

Roger shared: “I loved the original by Shirley Ellis. It’s just so joyful and simple. It’s got a swing to it, and I’ve tried to recreate that swing using an ancient drum kit.

“It was just a real pleasure to do that song, it’s like a playground nursery rhyme for kids.”

For his take on The Clapping Song, the 72-year-old used a vintage Trixon Telstar drum kit, which was originally made in Hamburg.

The instrument is famous for its tapered tom-toms and conical bass drums and was used by some of the greatest jazz and rock drummers of the Fifties and Sixties like The Tornados, Lionel Hampton, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Ringo Starr, and Keith Moon.

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