Pop Idol Darius’ family say horror crash led to death as cause finally confirmed

Pop Idol icon Darius Campbell Danesh’s cause of death was finally confirmed today as an accident caused by chloroethane.

The drug is used to treat pain, but can have tragic side effects and in this case led to respiratory arrest.

Now, the Colourblind singer’s family has explained that a horror car crash back in 2010 led to his use of the drug, as the smash led to “chronic neck pain” for the star.

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He was found dead in his US apartment in Rochester, Minnesota, at the age of 41.

His family confirmed to PA News agency: “The results of medical examinations have confirmed that Darius’s death was an accident caused by chloroethane, which is used to treat pain and that tragically lead to respiratory arrest.

“Darius was suffering from chronic neck pain following a car accident in 2010.

“We would like to thank everyone for their love and kindness, and ask that the family’s privacy is maintained during this difficult time.”

The singer’s post-mortem examination listed “toxic effects of chloroethane” as well as “suffocation” leading to his death.

Chloroethane, commonly known as ethyl chloride, is used in petrol additives, plastics, dyes, pharmaceuticals, topical anaesthetics, and as an industrial refrigerant. Ethyl chloride became popular as an inhalant street drug in the 1980s.

Brief inhalations of the drug can result in dizziness, euphoria, confusion, incoordination, hallucinosis, impairment of short-term memory and narcosis.

His death was ruled an accident by the medical examiner.

The singer was a passenger in a Porsche when it slammed into a wall at 70mph after skidding on a patch of oil while on holiday in Spain.

Darius was confined to a neck brace at the time, admitting he felt like “the luckiest man alive” after breaking his neck in the horrific incident.

He turned down a surgery at the time because he feared it might damage his voice, despite being told by a nurse: “Three millimetres this way, you [can’t] walk. Three millimetres that way, you’re dead.”


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